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Fix Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working error after updating Norton Internet Security

Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working error after updating NIS

Some users reported problems with Internet explorer recently after updating Norton Internet Security. Symptoms: Internet explorer crash as soon as it is opened, with an error Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working. The same is happening, even with add-ons disabled. Resetting IE also didn’t work for some users. Some users have success by Turning on Enhanced [...]

Fix 404 Not Found error after installing WordPress

fix 404 Not Found error

The error message mentioned here is targeted for webmasters who just created a new website and then end up getting 404 Not Found error. Here are the scenarios that I am talking about. Scenario: The user bought a new domain and hosting space. He then install WordPress or other CMS as a platform to run [...]

Use Ccleaner like a Pro


You might have the best hardware configuration for running Windows OS, your favorite applications and games. In spite of this, have you noticed your computer slowing down after sometime? There are plenty of reasons for a computer to slow down. It might be because of presence of too many junk and temporary files, presence of [...]

Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7 and 8

fix Blue Screen Error

With release of every new version of Windows, the operating system is getting more stable with less errors and less compatibility problems. But still the error happens. One of the most notorious errors that Windows is notorious is the blue screen error commonly called BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death. As the name suggests, it [...]

Spartan, the new Windows Browser from Microsoft

spartan Microsoft browser

Rumors are circulating that Microsoft is in the process of burying Internet Explorer brand and coming up with a completely new revamped browser under the codename Spartan. Spartan is going to be an integral part of Windows 10. According to latest information, the upcoming operating system will have two browsers – Internet Explorer 11 and [...]

Microsoft fixed 19yr old Windows bug

microsoft fix 19yr old windows bug

Microsoft recently fixed a bug that is almost 19yrs old. No kidding. It seems all versions of Microsoft starting from Windows 95 to the latest Windows 8.1 was carrying this bug. The bug was discovered by IBM researchers in May 2014. According to researchers, the bug enable a hacker to carry on a drive-by attack [...]

Precautions to take when installing Free Downloads

Precautions to take when installing Free Downloads

There are plenty of free downloads available on the internet. Most of these free downloads are downloaded as games for entertainment, sometimes a newly developed App which the programmer is offering for free to get market exposure. Installing these free softwares carry their own risk. They can be carriers of malware or adware programs. The [...]

Fix System Restore Error 0x81000203 after Windows 8.1 update

system restore Error 0x81000203

After the recent windows update, there are increased instances of getting error 0x81000203 while doing a system restore. Here is the error There was an unexpected error in the properties page: System Restore encountered an error. Please try to run System Restore again. (0x81000203) Please close the property page and try again. The problem seems to [...]

5 Alternatives to Google Analytics

google analytics alternatives

When it comes to analyzing you web statistics, Google Analytics is the most popular tool. The Google service is available as far as 2005. But it seems they are getting strong competition. Mainly because Google analytics seems to stick on to basic tools and it seems to be holding out lot of information, maybe to prevent users [...]

Fix Windows Search Service failed to start in Windows 8.1

windows search service fix

Windows search service is used by the OS to provide enhanced search capabilities. It is responsible for finding and displaying the search results from the indexed list. The service significantly improve the search speed and is one of the features that Microsoft did right in Windows 8. Some users have reported problems with Windows Search [...]