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How to fix Windows 8.1 update error 0x80240031

windows 8.1 update error 0x80240031

Just the other day, tried upgrading to Windows 8.1 on my friends computer and encountered this error message. “Something happened and the Windows 8.1 couldn’t be installed. Please try again. Error code: 0x80240031” There can be multiple reasons for this error message. This can be an issue with corrupted file, compatibility issues with software or [...]

Setup iCloud Drive after OS X Yosemite update

upgrade to mac yosemite

Apple introduced iCloud Drive with OS X Yosemite update. It is basically the virtual disk drive with a new name and a whole set of new features. iCloud Drive is a file and document management solution across IOS and OS X platforms. You can store upto 15GB of files, including any file types. It also [...]

Speed up device after OS X Yosemite upgrade

upgrade to mac yosemite

Your Mac, iPad or iPhone can get slow after doing an OS X Yosemite upgrade. This is a common occurrence as there can be multiple reasons as to why the device is slow. Here are some steps that you may try on device to speed up performance. This can be tried on older device as [...]

How dangerous are Spam Mails

stop email spam

The word Spam, the first thought that comes to our mind is the chain of emails inside our inbox with eye catching subject and information about wonderful products sent by a user that you don’t recognize. These emails are considered nuisance, but not a threat unless you mess with the contents inside these spam mails. [...]

Use Search Engine Operators for effective Google Search

search engine operators

Plenty of websites and webpages are added every day, every hour on the largest network of computers which is the World Wide Web. For every topic that you want to search for, there are thousands and sometimes millions of webpage that is associated with this search query. Out of these search results, not all websites [...]

Use LinkedIn to find dream job

linkedin dream job

With the rise of internet and social media, it has widened your chances of finding a variety of jobs that you are qualified for and get discovered by recruiters. Gone are the days when you have to keep updating your word document, CV up to date and apply whenever a job is available. Even though, [...]

How to Speed up your Android Phone

speed up android phone

We all like to have our devices working fast. Faster, the better. With the latest advancement in technology, we now have smartphones with dual core and quad core processors which is capable of functioning at amazing speed. Faster the device is capable of running, so do the development of applications that demand high processing power. [...]

Take Screenshot in Windows Phone 8.1

windows 8.1 phone screenshot

As a technical writer, I use screenshots to record each events to explain an article better and faster. For a normal user,they can use screenshots of their windows phone to show off their high scores, capture an event which can be used as evidence and for other troubleshooting purpose. Here is how to take screenshot [...]

Display Windows Phone 8.1 Screen on PC

Project My Screen App 12

First of all, why project your Windows Phone screen on PC? Here are some possibilities that I can think of right now. If I want to play games like Asphalt. Or if I want a big screen while texting. Or if I want to watch videos and pictures on a bigger PC screen. Do presentations. [...]

Increase Size of Thumbnail Preview Window in Windows 8.1

Thumbnail Preview Window registry tweak

One of the feature of Windows 8 is ability to see a thumbnail preview of an open applications Just point towards an open application in taskbar. Here is a trick to increase the size of this preview window. Log in as administrator Press Windows Key + R for Run window, type regedit to open registry [...]