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7 steps to keep your phone good enough for next 2 years

7 steps to keep your phone good enough for next 2 years
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Smartphone market is flooded with whole lot of phones coming from variety of manufacturers and come in all sizes, great hardware features, user friendly operating system and come in any budget that is affordable to the user. The technology, both hardware and software is also getting updated very fast.

The problem is, it can make your old phone feel outdated very soon compared to the newer phones. Here are 7 steps to make you forget buying a new phone in next 2 years.

  1. Buy a phone with superior hardware and latest operating system

A main reason for users to think about buying a new phone is when it makes them feel the existing phone seems to be getting old and slow in performance.

When you buy a new phone, make sure the phone comes with a decent hardware configuration and have the latest operating system installed.

  • Go for a phone which is Quad core and above with integrated graphics unit.
  • Make sure there is enough storage space for installing Operating system, OS updates that it may have to install in future and other Applications. An internal storage space of 16 is perfect.
  • Make sure the phone supports installing the latest operating system.
  • Make sure the phone carry the latest USB Type-C connector and support fast charging.
  • Go for a phone that comes with removable battery
  1. Put a tough and durable Phone case

Modern smartphones are designed to take lot of torture by making it more shock resistant. Your phone may not get damaged immediately when you drop it in the initial periods. But with each drop, you increase the chance of getting damaged circuits and loose machine parts reducing the life of your machine.

A phone case is meant to protect your phones from high impacts and accidental drops. Presence of phone case add an additional layer to absorb the shocks to ensure additional life to your phone.

There are so many phone cases in the market in all colors and size. Don’t get carried away by the looks, but also confirm that the phone case is durable and of good quality.

  1. Protect the screen with tempered glass

Adding a tempered glass not only protect your screen from shattering, but also help prevent scratches and small cracks. Tempered glass is a thin layer of glass which is glued on top of original screen. The thin layer of tempered glass acts as a shock absorber. In high impact cases, the tempered glass absorbs the shock and crack, but keep the real screen behind intact and free from any damage.

To get the best from your screen, go for tempered glass not plastic glass. Plastic glass is cheaper and blocks the real vibrant colors from your screen.

  1. Make your smart phone battery last long

One of the major reason for users to change their phone is when the battery performance goes down. This is especially true if the battery is in-built. So if you keep your battery in good condition, you may not get a chance to think about buying a new phone.

           Best practices for a longer battery life

  • Never allow the battery to completely drain off
  • Operating and keeping your phone in hot conditions reduce the battery life as the hot temperature can trigger chemical reaction which reduce the quality of chemical action inside the battery.
  1. Do a factory reset periodically to keep the performance optimum

Over a period of time, your smartphone tends to slow down because of low storage space, increased number of installed Apps, presence of too many stray files from the Apps etc. This can lead to deteriorating performance which in turn want you to buy a new one.

The good news is, you can get your mobile phone back to the level of performance when you bought it. All you need to do is to reset your mobile phone to original manufacturer settings. This step is going to wipe out all Apps and files and take it to the stage how it was released by the manufacturer. So beware, and make sure you back up all important files before trying this step. Also if you have an external storage device, remove it before doing the step.

  1. Take precaution to prevent accidental lose or stealing

Losing your phone out of your carelessness or somebody stealing it is a reason for going to shop for buying a new one. The problem is not only with losing the phone, but also the problem with invasion of privacy and possibility of losing all your contacts.

There are smart bracelets available in the market which are connected your smartphone via Bluetooth. When you reach a certain distance away from your phone, the band starts sending alerts to remind that you are away from your phone. These bracelets also come with additional functions such as showing temperature, heartbeat etc.

  1. Keep your smartphone protected from environmental elements

Water and dust are the common environmental elements that you may expose your phone constantly. Whether you are going to beach or out on trekking adventure, anytime you expect exposure to these elements.

The solution is to keep your phone in waterproof protective plastic bags. Keep it inside your bag or fold it neatly to simply carry in your trouser pocket.

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  • Mohd Aqdas Dec 30, 2016, 8:13 am

    Very useful points given here. I would prefer these points for everybody.😊

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