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Apple iPod Touch – A Buyers Guide and Review

ipod touch
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Apple released its 5th generation Apple iPod Touch on October 15th 2012. The last time iPad Touch did a hardware upgrade was in 2010. This time, the changes they made to the hardware makes it more powerful, bigger with a wider screen and with improved headphone compared to the previous versions. You can do so much with iPod Touch that it is almost like an iPhone with the exception of not able to make any calls. Let’s see what Apple iPod Touch (5th generation) is all about.

The device is powered by an A5 dual core processor. This makes the model very powerful compared to its previous version and against its competitors. Its runs the latest iOS6. As a result, there is support for Siri, Airplay, Passbook and Panoramic Photos and more additional features. The processor packs enough power to run all apps with ease that iPod Touch is no longer a device just for listening and viewing music and video, but also for games and other productivity.

The iPod Touch comes in a shockingly slim casing with tonnes of features included in it. It’s 0.24 inch thin (0.30 inch for iPhone 5) and weighs 3.1 ounces. It is so light and thin that iPhone 5 looks like a piece of brick when keep beside iPod Touch. It is a mini computer that can be easily carried in your pocket. The case is stylish looking than iPhone 5 with white, black, blue, yellow, pink, and red models.

The iPod Touch screen got similar configuration as an iPhone 5 with the same screen and 1136×640 resolution. The screen size is 4 inch now from 3.5 inch in the previous versions. The screen got some extra room for adding an additional row of apps with a better wider aspect ratio. The more you use iPod, you get better adjusted to working on a small screen.

The new iPod use Apple’s new Lightning connector for connecting accessories, synching and charging. The connector is small and less fiddly than the previous versions. Connecting IPod Touch to internet is optional. But some of the services included in iPod needs internet connection to function.

Earpods is another major improvement to iPod Touch. The new design is more comfortable and performs better than the previous Apple Earpods. The design looks like a fusion of bud and ear canal style earphones. The moulded plastic housing lets sound focus in the direction leading to less leak compared to the previous design.

Find my iPod Touch service is a service that can help you track your misplaced iPod on a map or locate it inside a room by playing a sound. It also includes anti-theft features such as remote wipe, screen locking and display a message to anyone who find your missing device. This service is internet dependent and needs internet connection.

iPod use Cirrus Logic Audio Hardware, one of the best in market right now. iPod surely sounds good with excellent audio quality and more pronounced bass.

iPod Touch supports MP3, AAC, WAV, ALAC and proprietary Audible audiobook formats. Formats such as FLAC can be played using third party Apps. Video files are limited to MPEG4, H.264 and MJPEG.

iPod Touch comes with a 5MP camera. There is also a 1.2MP camera in the front. Like iPhone 5, the lens is made of scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The pictures taken using Touch looked good, but not as sharp or brighter compared to pictures from an iPhone 5. Pictures taken in low light was reasonable, but panoramic and HDR pics looked better with Camera Apps.

High quality videos also looked better cos of the 16:9 display. Contrast and colors looked better in small screen. Videos are always enjoyable on big screens, but the high quality will keep you entertained on long journeys. Unfortunately, there is no support for video playlist unless you get it using a third party App. The FaceTime video chat allows taking pictures with amusing expressions. Getting the videos and pictures of the device is also easy as they are stored in a directory which can be accessed from your computer without using iTunes.

The new iPod did well in maintaining a longer battery life. In the tests conducted, it lasted 55hrs almost 3 days of continuous music. With video, it lasted 8hrs.

The iPod comes in a 32GB version and a 64GB version. If you don’t have massive amount of media files, go for the 32GB version which will give you the best value for money.

Verdict: iPod Touch gives you almost all the features of iPhone 5. If you are not concerned about making calls, but looking for a sleek device that can be carried around for listening and watching music, play games and utilize productivity tools, then go for it. Apple iPod Touch gets five star overall.

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