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Balesio FileMinimizerPictures – The Best Picture Compression Software A Buyers Guide and Review

Balesio File Minimizer Pictures
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Recently I came across an article on Balesio FileMinimizerPictures. I was impressed and decided to give it a try and see the results for myself.

Balesio is a fast growing provider of innovative data reduction technology and storage optimization solutions company headquartered in Switzerland. Other products include FILEminimizer Suite, FILEminimizer PDF, FILEminimizer Office, FILEminimizer Server, FILEminimizer SharePoint, FILEminimizer SDK, balesio Screen Capturing Suite and more. The products are top notch and deliver top quality results which is evident from the one product that I tried till now.

Balesio FileMinimizerPictures is free non commercial version of software which can compress your picture file up to 98% without losing any quality. There is also a paid version which comes at 78 euros. It allows commercial use of the software and additional features for integration with MS Office suite and pdf files. The software is available for download at http://balesio.com/fileminimizerpictures/eng/features.php

How to configure Balesio FileMinimizerPictures

  • Download and install the software
  • Open the settings options on the top before you do any compression
  • Under settings for images
    • Keep original image format (if you want to keep the original format)
    • Uncheck “Allow images to be resized” (If you want to make sure image size is not altered)
      Balesio File Minimizer Pictures

How to compress image using Balesio FileMinimizerPictures

  • Click on Open Files. Browse to the picture you want to compress. You may add additional pictures if you want to compress multiple pictures.Balesio File Minimizer Pictures
  • Click on compress file.Balesio File Minimizer Pictures

The resulting window will have the details such as original file size, new size and the reduction % achieved for that file. The compress file will be automatically saved inside the same location where you selected the file. It will have (File minimize) added to the file name.

Balesio File Minimizer Pictures

To test the software, I compressed a 5184*3456 size picture taken using my canon camera with a file size of 5.80MB. The result was 87.5% compression of file to 941KB. You can see the results below the picture, original and the compressed one. More test were done on big and small pictures. For bigger pictures, I can’t believe how much the software is able to compress without losing much details and resolution. For very small pictures such as 20-30KB, it was still able to do a lot of compression but it did reduce the clarity a bit. Also after compressing about 5-8 pictures, I got a reminder to upgrade to the paid version. Just close it and you will be able to continue compressing more.

Final Verdict: The results obtained from this software really blew my mind. I have been using Irfanview and some online sites such as http://www.webresizer.com/ for compressing images. But the result I got from Balesio FileMinimizer is no where compared to the results from the others. Soon I will be upgrading Balesio FileMinimizerPictures to the paid version. Highly recommended for photo freaks.

It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInPin on PinterestShare on VKShare on RedditPrint this pageEmail this to someone

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