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WhatsApp rolled out its two-step verification process for added security. The update which was in beta stage from Nov 2016, is now officially released for Android, iOS and Windows Phones. Setting up update however Is optional. You may choose to configure or leave it the way it was inside the settings. Configure WhatsApp two-step verification [...]

Ethernet or WiFi

Ethernet or WiFi? A common question when you have the luxury to connect internet wireless or using wired connection. WiFi is now common mode of internet connection in most homes and offices. WiFi is free from cables. You can connect almost any device to wireless internet. Another advantage is you can roam around freely using wireless [...]

Xiaomi Pinecone Processor

If you want to know the power of a mobile phone, then check its processor. A powerful processor is able to process information more quickly which improve the overall performance of mobile phone. Mobile phone manufactures now have enough option to choose which processor needs to go inside a specific phone model. Some of the [...]

hdd vs ssd vs sshd

Which is the right hard drive storage for my computer? A very common question to anyone who is planning to buy a new computer or upgrade existing one. There are multiple answers to the question. If you ask me, I prefer SSD over other storage types for its performance. But this may not be acceptable [...]

Hackers capable of stealing fingerprints from Photos

This is a disturbing news in lot of ways. Biometric data was considered very secure. It is not easy to recreate biometric data. Features like fingerprint are unique to every person and there is no chance of anyone having the same fingerprint. With the advancement in technology, more devices and websites now support biometric data [...]

Types of malware

Has your browser forgotten your homepage? Do you have problem with browser not connecting to internet? Is your computer which used to be fast is crawling now? Do you get frequent pop-ups on the screen? All these problems are because there is malware or malicious software inside your computer. Malware is a general term used [...]

google chrome logo

Google Chrome is the most popular in the world. However, the browser has its own share of problems. Here are some of the problems that you might have faced with Chrome Consuming too much memory making the entire PC or device slow. The slowdown may not happen immediately, but it slows down with spending more [...]

Windows 10

In a recent Windows 10 event in early November 2016, Microsoft unveiled the upcoming features that will be added to Windows 10 in 2017. These features will be added using another major update named Creator update. The update is rumored to be released by April 2017. Here are the top 10 features that are rumored [...]

google chrome

To those who work constantly on a computer, keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way to open options quickly. Opening an option with a couple of keystrokes is far less strain compared to dragging the mouse pointer, clicking on menu and submenu to open a particular feature. Apart from the strain, keyboard shortcuts also save couple [...]

deactivate Ads based on your interests

Have you noticed that Google always display ads which are relevant to the searches that were made before? This is made possible with the help of cookies which are downloaded to your browser when you visit a website.  These cookies are utilized by Google to track your browser behavior. The next time when you go [...]

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