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Windows 10 keyword shortcuts

As of now, Windows 10 seems to be working fine and is destined to be one of the successful operating systems ever released by Microsoft. There are lot of features that Microsoft released with the new operating system. With the new features, there are also some new keyword shortcut for Windows 10. Here is a [...]

win 10

The Quick Access Menu in Windows 10 is perhaps the least known feature in Windows 10. At the same time, this is also the most likely to be used menu by troubleshooting experts. The Quick Access Menu contains most of the advanced options that is needed for troubleshooting. How to open Quick Access Menu in [...]

win 10

Error 0x800705b4 is a common error when it comes to updating Windows OS. The update error can happen anytime when trying to install Windows 10 anniversary update to Windows Defender update. These problems can happen from variety of reasons, as a result of a corrupted service associated with Windows update or a corrupted Security software [...]


Are you frequently getting disconnected from Internet? Do you have to frequently use Refresh button to reload webpages? Do you have to frequently turn off and then turn on WiFi to get connected to internet? Finally, do you get this error message on your chrome browser frequently? This site can’t be reached <website name> server [...]

Windows 10 VR headsets

Good news for Microsoft fans. Virtual Reality is going to be part of Windows 10. It will be rolled out with the Creators update planned to be released next month. Microsoft is trying to create its own VR platforms using Windows Holographic technology which is currently used in HoloLens headset. In recently concluded WinHEC (Windows [...]

win 10

Working for Microsoft Tech Support, one of the most frequent problem that come to us is regarding problems with having a genuine copy of Windows. One main cause is when the computer vendor use a volume license copy to install Windows 10 beyond the allowed limit. In most cases, the final solution is to uy [...]

microsoft surface studio aio pc

Microsoft released Surface Studio, which is a premium All-in-One PC aimed mainly for professional studio and designing work. The PC looks like a competition to Apple’s iMac. In reality, the PC is more beautiful than iMac. For a Windows user, this is the best PC ever released in market. In this article, you will find [...]

internet explorer windows 10

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser starting from Windows 10. Microsoft is slowly in the process of shutting down Internet explorer completely. The new browser is faster and completely out performs IE in almost all features. Microsoft Edge is also becoming popular in web browser market with more users slowly making the transition. The [...]

win 10

Recently noticed that Start Menu show suggestions from time to time about similar and recommended Apps in Start Menu. Even though it doesn’t seem much nuisance, I prefer Windows 10 not showing me these suggestions. I prefer to go Windows Store and find Apps that suits my need. Here is how to remove advertisement from [...]

windows phone

Are you aware of Kids corner feature in Windows Phone? If Yes, have you wondered what happened to Kids corner feature in latest Windows 10? Here is what happened. We all know Kids love smartphones. A problem with them playing with your phone is the accidental deletion of data or Apps, change the configuration etc. [...]

windows photo slide show

Photos are windows to the past. Watching these pictures displayed as a slide show is something that we all enjoy. The same can be done on your PC. How to display photos as slideshow In Windows 7 Open the photo folder On the top left side, click Slide show In Windows 8 and 10 Open the Photo folder Click [...]

Windows 10 keyboard not responding properly

Some users have reported problem with keyboard not working properly in Windows 10. The keyboard sometimes take long time to respond. Some times when you are typing continuously, some characters in between take time to appear. The scenario seems like the processor is too busy and interfering with your activities on the keyboard. But if [...]

access Mac formatted hard disk or thumb drive from a PC

External hard disks and thumb drives were always popular and will remain so as the easiest and cheapest way to share and carry data. These devices can be accessed by any device. But wait, there is an exception. Sometimes information written on Mac formatted hard disk cannot be accessed by PC. Mac can access details [...]

system restore windows 10

System restore is a very useful feature that was introduced in Windows XP. System restore allow Windows to create a snapshot of a computer’s state when it is working fine. If something goes wrong, you can use the saved restore point to bring your computer back to normal. Restore points are created either automatically or [...]

win 10

Just like any previous Windows installation, Windows 10 also download updates and install it when you shut down or reboot the computer. Depending on which update is getting installed, it may take just a few seconds or maybe longer to install these updates. It is recommended not to force shut down while installing update as [...]

turn my pc into a hotspot

A WiFi hotspot allow all the devices including desktops, laptops, smart devices etc. to connect to internet from a common point.  You can also set your PC into WiFi hotspot and allow the nearby devices to connect internet using the hotspot. Why use PC as WiFi Hotspot In most homes, there is a router which [...]

microsoft edge browser

Microsoft Edge is now the default browser for Windows 10 user. Microsoft is in the process of removing Internet explorer all together in future versions and concentrate on Edge browser. Edge browser has already proved it is moving the right way. The browser is already faster than its predecessor Internet Explorer. It’s already proven from [...]

god mode windows 10

Windows 10 god mode is a centralized location where all administrative tools seen in Control Panel are listed for easy access. Unlike in Control Panel, these options are not inside categories and sub-categories. In Windows 10 God Mode, all options are listed inside one single window. God mode was first listed in Windows 7 OS. [...]

Fix Cortana stopped working after installing Windows 10 Anniversary update

Cortana, the Voice Assistant is a very handy tool for Windows users. Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple Siri and Google Now. You can just say “Hey, Cortana” and it will open to you for assisting. The Cortana is also available to you even when your computer is locked. So anyone can still talk to [...]

win 10

In Windows, it is possible that the Apps may stop working altogether or slow down after a while. In such instances, the valid steps are either to reset the App or re-install the App from windows store. Follow these steps to reset App data in Windows 10. Click Start -> Settings Open System Click Apps & [...]

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