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WhatsApp rolled out its two-step verification process for added security. The update which was in beta stage from Nov 2016, is now officially released for Android, iOS and Windows Phones. Setting up update however Is optional. You may choose to configure or leave it the way it was inside the settings. Configure WhatsApp two-step verification [...]

windows phone

This is a common WhatsApp error message if you using a Windows Phone. This is the error message. Your phone is running low on storage. So WhatsApp can continue to work properly, free up 100 MB of space by: Deleting apps you no longer use Deleting large videos from your camera roll Managing your storage in [...]

windows phone free space

One of the biggest problem for me with Windows Phone is lack of internal storage. I own a Lumia 630, my mom own a Lumia 530, couple of my friends own a higher versions 730 and 820. All of us have come across the same problem. An error message pop up that there is not [...]

Nokia Lumia 820 case

Nokia is back with a bang with the latest Nokia Lumia 820. The Finnish company seems to be moving in right direction with two major changes –Switching OS from Symbian to Windows Phone 8, stronger hardware and more stylish than many of its rival. According to popular Mac|Life Magazine, Nokia Lumia 920 is a better [...]

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