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Viruses and Malware

Windows 10

From time to time, hackers and malware developers found alternate methods to grab unsuspecting user’s attention and get them follow their instructions. Once the user follow their instruction, hackers can use it to steal information and profit from them financially. Microsoft Edge is the default internet browser for Windows 10. Edge is known for being [...]

Gooligan malware

There is a new strain of malware that is infecting Android devices. The news was first released by Israeli security researchers at Check Point. The malware is rumored to have hacked over a million Google accounts. According to experts, the malware can be used to steal data from Google Drive, Gmail accounts and Google Photos. [...]

Check Security Software is working properly

As a computer technician, one of the frequently reported problems are the ones that is caused by presence of virus and malware. In most cases, it was diagnosed that security software has stopped working or somehow got disabled without owners knowledge. Yes, it is possible that your security software may look like running, but it may [...]

fix pokemon go malware

Pokemon Go is the one of most popular and addictive game ever released and the biggest trending news in 2016. Everyday there is some news associated with the game on newspapers and news websites. Under the circumstances, it is no surprise that malware manufactures are exploiting Pokemon’s popularity to create one in its name. Pokemon Go [...]

Android device not waking up problem

Google redirect virus is one of toughest and most annoying infections malware in recent times. When a device is infected with google redirect virus, it redirects all search results to an advertisement page or a malicious webpage. In the beginning, Google redirect virus used to be a threat only on PC’s. It usually infects PC’s [...]

google redirect virus removal guide

Are you facing problems with your web browser getting automatically redirected to strange and suspicious looking websites? Are these redirects mainly pointing towards an e-commerce site, porn, gambling sites? Do you have many pop-ups coming up displaying ad contents?  Chances are you might have a Google Redirect Virus. Google redirect virus is one of the most annoying, dangerous [...]

remove superfish malware

Superfish is an Adware that came pre-installed with Lenovo PC’s and laptop. Recently, it was discovered that Superfish Adware got flaws inside, which can be exploited by hackers to steal information. Superfish is now considered malware, since its presence is a security threat. So if you recently bought one from Lenovo, you should check if you got [...]

Precautions to take when installing Free Downloads

There are plenty of free downloads available on the internet. Most of these free downloads are games for entertainment, system maintenance tool, productivity tools and even there are newly developed Apps which the programmer or manufacturer is offering for free to get market exposure. At times, installing these free softwares carry their own risk. These [...]

android mobile operating system

Android being the most popular and most used mobile operating system on the planet, so do the rise in number of hackers, programs and Apps designed to exploit them. Also the smaller size and easiness to carry, make it vulnerable to physically stolen resulting in loss of equipment and compromising privacy of personal data. How [...]

infected android device

Android is soon becoming hacker’s paradise. Since it is one of the most popular and most used mobile OS, malicious programmers and hackers are finding new ways to exploit loopholes inside the OS. According to recent studies done by Kaspersky, malware programs designed for exploiting Android has increased six times than the previous year. If [...]

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