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Corsair H80 and H100 CPU Cooler Review – CPU Cooler for Extreme PC Users

corsair H80
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The Corsair H80 and H100 from Corsair H series of CPU coolers are the highly recommended power coolers for high end models of Intel and AMD processors. The H-Series stands for Hydro Series which is designed to deliver liquid cooling technology to cool down PC temperature.

The cooler comes in a low profile, light weight cooling unit with a micro-channel copper cold plate and a split flow manifold. The result is higher efficiency in cooling. The design is aimed to give the power of liquid cleaning which is very compact, user friendly and easy to install package compared to the traditional water cooling kits. The design comes in a closed loop system, which means there is no maintenance required at all. The cooler is sealed and is prefilled and never needs refilling. Tubing of the cooler is constructed from low evaporation FEP which ensures a long life span. The noise level produced is very low compared to some other equipments I have used before and far better than the CPU fan that comes with the processor.

Connect your device to Corsair Link Commander which enable you to monitor a wide range of parameters such as pump speed, fan speed and coolant temperature and customize it with your own preferred settings. The push button control allows you to set fan speed and cooling performance according to your needs.

Corsair H80 comes in a double thick radiator and two 120mm fans. It is designed to install almost anywhere where you can accommodate 120mm case fan. The mounting brackets can be used with all the modern CPU sockets.

Corsair H100 is similar but more powerful than H80.The radiator comes in 240mm radiator and two 120mm fans, This model gives the extreme performance and without doubt my first choice for using on powerful processors like Intel I7-3960 Extreme Edition.

Main features of Corsair H80 and H100 in a nutshell:

  • A Push-button fan control for selecting the fan speed and cooling performance that best suits your needs.
  • Dual length 240mm radiator for increased surface area and cooling potential.
  • Two all-new 120mm fans optimize static pressure and airflow for amazing performance.
  • FEP tubing provides extraordinarily low coolant evaporation levels.
  • A new improved micro-channel cold-plate design more efficiently transfers heat.
  • Includes mounting hardware compatible with all modern CPU socket designs
  • Quick and easy installation brackets make it easier than ever to upgrade to watercooling.

Conclusion: Corsair is the best when it comes to PC cooling. With the release of H series, they showed their commitment in trying out the different technologies which can get you the best cooling system for your PC. Compared to the previous versions H50 and H70, Corsair H80 and H100 comes with more features and efficiency. Grab it, if you have the latest processor installed to meet your appetite for extreme overclocking and playing high end games. Overall, Corsair H80 or Corsair H100 Extreme is a must and worth the buy.

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