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The picture below is how my Ubuntu desktop looked like soon after installation. The screen resolution is also low preventing display of options available in the end or corners. Ubuntu desktop is very much customizable.

old ubuntu desktop

Here is how to customize Ubuntu desktop

Customize Ubuntu Desktop
Click on System Settings listed in the dock.

  1. Screen Resolution

Click Displays under Hardware

  • Increase Resolution : Increasing the resolution will allow more details to be displayed on the screen
    Customize Ubuntu Desktop
    Customize Ubuntu Desktop
  1. Appearance

Open Appearance in System Settings

  • Change desktop background: You can change the default desktop to make it more presentable.
  • Change Theme: It’s not like the Theme in Windows OS and not that good. Keep it in Radiance which is good.
  • Launcher icon size: Reduce the size of icons displayed in the dock. I kept the size to 34 which is small and viewable and also allows all the icons to be displayed on the dock.
  • Auto-hide the Launcher: Under Appearance, Go to Behavior. You have the option to auto-hide launcher. Left side or Top left corner. You can also set the sensitivity.
    Customize Ubuntu DesktopNote: I tried auto-hide launch bar on my Virtual machine which didn’t work well. There was no other option to get the dock back. Click on the wheel at the right corner of panel. Click on system settings. Go to Appearance -> Behavior. Turn off auto-hide. Dock will be back in space.
  1. Screen Lock

Open Brightness and Lock inside System Settings

Customize Ubuntu Desktop

  • Set when to turn off screen when it is not in use.
  • Also you can set password to unlock.

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