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It’s easy to find how much RAM you have on your computer by simply checking My computer properties or by using command msinfo32. But there is no easy way to find out what type of RAM is used in your computer.

Here is how to find out what RAM you have

  • Open your computer casing. Physically take out the RAM stick and check the stickers which describes the RAM type written on top of it.
  • Open your UEFI/BIOS and check for RAM type.
  • Easiest way to find out RAM type is by running a very useful software CPU-Z. Simply run the tool and it will display lot of useful details. Apart from knowing the memory type, it also gives you additional information such as frequency, latency etc. of installed RAM. The tool also gives you information on processor, motherboard, cache memory, graphics card and more.
    cpu-z RAM memory type checker

Knowing your RAM type is important under these circumstances

  • Replace RAM. When your RAM gets defective, you may need to replace the RAM. By knowing the type of RAM that already exists, you can confirm what RAM type to look for.
  • Adding additional RAM. You may want to increase RAM memory by adding additional RAM sticks. But you cannot have 2 different types of RAM working together. So you need to know the RAM type which is already installed.
  • Upgrade RAM – You may want to upgrade your RAM to latest DDR4 or later. Knowing the existing type of RAM is essential to check if your computer supports the RAM type. A computer which supports DDR3 will also support DDR4.

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