Get to Know Different iPhone 5 Status Symbol

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This simple guide will help you in familiarizing with different iPhone 5 status symbol.

signal strength apple iphone

Signal Strength: This indicates the signal strength of the current 3G and 4G/LTE connection. This can fluctuate between no bar (weak or no signal) and 5 five bar (maximum reception)

wifi strength apple iphone

Wi-Fi Strength: This indicates if your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi Network. Maximum the number of bars, stronger the signal strength.

bluetooth apple iphone

Bluetooth: The symbol is to indicate Bluetooth connection. The symbol is grey, if it is turned off. The symbol will turn blue, if Bluetooth is used to connect to a device.

vpn apple iphone

VPN: The icon denotes VPN connection. This icon will be turned on if you have used VPN to connect to a secure network. For e.g., your corporate network.

Airplane Mode apple iphone

Airplane Mode:  If the Airplane mode is turned on, it will switch of all phone, internet and Bluetooth connections. But you can still access your email and web using Wi-Fi and also use other iPhone features.

processing icon apple iphone

Processing Icon: This icon will be turned on in the upper left corner, when iPhone is searching to make a network connection. You can see this processing icon at work when it is trying to sync to iCloud over your connection, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

call forwarding apple iphone

Call Forwarding: This will appear next to network type, when call forwarding is activated.Call forwarding can be set inside the iPhone settings.

battery status apple iphone

Battery Status: Battery status icon can be seen on the upper right corner of the screen. It will help you to understand how much charge is left in the battery. If the iPhone is charging, you can see a lightning bolt on top of the battery.

location services apple iphone

Location Services: This icon will appear to the left of battery icon when your iPhone is using location services. E.g., When using apps such as Apple maps for locating areas.

tty apple iphone

TTY: This icon will be turned on if you turn on your TTY (teletype machine). This can be seen on the left of battery symbol.

play button apple iphone

Play Button: This icon can be seen to the left of battery icon. The icon appears when you play songs using iTunes. If you pause the song, this icon will disappear.

alarm clock apple iphone

Alarm Clock: This icon will be activated when you set alarm in the clock app. This appears to the right of time on the top of iPhone.

lock apple iphone

Lock: This icon appear when your iPhone is locked.

orientation clock apple iphone

Orientation Lock: You can lock your iPhone in portrait mode by double clicking Home button and scrolling to the left in multitasking bar.


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