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How to Access Wireless Router

choosing wireless router
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Every home and office is equipped with a wireless router these days. Most users don’t have to mess around with wireless settings as it is might be already configured by your ISP or the technician who installed the router. But at times, you may end up in situations where you have to make changes to the router settings to get the optimum performance for your network. Another challenge is getting inside router settings when you don’t remember the password. Here is an article with step by step instruction on how to access wireless router.

The steps here are applicable to wired and wireless router and can be done from any windows OS starting from XP. If you can’t connect to router wirelessly, you can also use the cable to connect to router. Every wireless connector also have slots to connect the device using cable.

Step by step process to access wireless router settings

  1. Find the ipaddress used by router

By default, a router ipaddress is the same as that of default gateway. So if you find the default gateway of your computer, which will be the routers ipaddress. To get default gateway, use ipconfig command.

  • Open command prompt by using Win Key + R, type cmd
  • Type ipconfig
  • Check for the gateway entry for your wireless adapter. That is the ipaddress for your wireless router. (From the pic below, ipaddress of my router is )
    access wireless router default gateway

If you don’t find a default gateway under the network adapter settings, check the steps mentioned under the subtopic What if you don’t find the default gateway?

  1. Use web browser to access router settings

Open any web browser. Inside the website address bar, type the router ipaddress without using “http” ( In my case, type
wireless router login screen

  1. Enter username and password

Most routers by default use admin as username and password as the password. You may also find the default username and password set by the manufacturer on a label pasted below or on top of the router.
wireless router username password

Chances are, the ISP or yourself might have changed the default password and forgot it. You can easily reset the password by pressing the reset button or inserting a pin or paper clip into a reset hole. You may have to hold the pin for some time as mentioned in the product manual. The router should also be connected to the communication cables for doing the reset properly. Once the reset is complete, you can use the default password set by the manufacturer.

What if you don’t find the default gateway

If the default gateway is not displayed, you need to check the ipaddress manually under network adapter settings.

  • Open run window by pressing Windows Key + R, type ncpa.cpl
  • Right click on Wireless adapter, click Properties, Scroll down and select Internet Protocol (Version 4)
  • Click on Properties.
  • Make sure Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically is selected.
  • Click OK and close the window. Open command prompt again and check if the default gateway is displayed. If not, restart the router by simply turning it off and on. You may also restart computer and check if it display the default gateway.
    wireless adapter settings

Once you enter the router settings, you can check if there is any firmware update released by manufacturer. Sometimes a small update from the manufacturer can improve the performance tremendously. You can also set password for your network, so no unauthorized persons can exploit your wireless bandwidth.  Modern routers also have inbuilt parental control inside the router itself, so you can kid proof internet.
wireless router interface

Use the comments section for feedback or for any queries.

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