How to Configure Google Reader in Android Device?

Google Reader is a valuable tool to keep yourself updated with the latest news in your field of interest. This is a tool which gathers all information on a particular topic from all blogs and websites. This includes social channels including blogger, Flickr, WordPress blogs, twitter etc. This way it will be like a personalized news source where you can read the latest news on your selected topic.

In order to have your own personalized google reader you have to go through the following steps.

  • create a new google account or use an existing user account to use google reader
  • use a keyword on which you would like to read new about and then use search option to look for feeds
  • Go through the list of feeds which are presented after search
  • Select Subscribe on feeds which you would like to read regularly

Follow the steps below to configure google reader on Android Devices

1)      Select Google Account

google reader add user accountGo to google store. Search for google reader. Download and install. Login to your google user account. Having a google account is a must for using google reader. So if you don’t have one, create it.

2)      Add subscription

google reader subscribe androidOpen the menu icon from top right. Select subscribe from list. Now you will have the option to search by keyword. Enter a keyword about a subject that you would like to regularly read about. Eg. Windows 8. Then select search. This will give you a list of feeds which have the latest news on the topic. Open a feed to see the news. If you find it good enough, tap subscribe to add to your subscription. Select “No thanks” to view another feed.

3)      Select your reading preferences

google reader configure text size androidTap the menu icon on the top right corner. Open settings feature. Use the volume key to navigate to modify and select the default text size which is comfortable for you.


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