How to do a complete Internet explorer optimization?

Internet explorer (IE) is one of the most popular browser on the  internet.One of the reasons why users switch to other browsers is because IE tends to slow down after sometime. This can be attributed to a lot of factors such as presence of lot temporary internet files which is reducing the performance, unwanted cookies, corrupted Internet explorer files due to malware attack and changed default settings by softwares and add-ons.

IE optimization fix most of these issues. The logic behind doing IE optimization is to remove temporary files, cookies and reset internet explorer to optimum settings for better performance. Call any technical support guy for internet explorer issues, he will start the troubleshooting with the steps mentioned below. The steps mentioned below are applicable for IE versions 7 to 11. This can also be done on IE 6 with small change in settings.

Internet Explorer Optimization Step by Step Method


1) Close all the open Internet explorer windows. Open internet options by clicking on Run –> inetcpl.cpl

open internet options from run window

2) Open internet options window

internet options window

3) Click on Delete under Browsing history

Delete browsing history

Explanation for what data is going to be deleted is explained inside.I would suggest to check all the boxes.Beware, don’t check the Passwords option in case if you saved passwords in IE and now you don’t remember it anymore. Press delete key after selecting the options.

4) Click on security tab on the top

internet explorer security tab

Click on the option “Reset all zones to default level”. If it is greyed out and you are not able to click on it, then it is already selected.

5) Click on Privacy tab

internet explorer privacy tab

Click on default level.

6) Click on Content tab

internet explorer content tab

Click on “Clear SSL state”.Click Ok on the message that says “SSL cache cleared successfully. This will fix issues related to problems with logging into secure websites such as your email and banking websites.

7) Click on Connection tab and then click on LAN settings which will open the below mentioned window

internet explorer connections tab

In most computers, “Automatically detect settings” is checked. You may keep it the same if it is already checked.However, there is one scenario where I would suggest to uncheck it. When you open IE for the first time, it takes a long time to upload the first page. The remaining pages loads normally.Unchecking this option should fix it.

If checked, then uncheck “Use automatic configuration script” and “Proxy server”.If these 2 options are checked without your knowledge, it might be as a result of some malware attack on your computer. Browser hijacking on internet explorer is mainly attributed to the entries in this location.

“Use automatic configuration script” and “Proxy server” might be checked in some genuine cases. If you are using dial up connection,some ISP’s provide a software which boasts about speeding up your internet connection.These softwares are know to use some scripts which can be seen in this location. Proxy server is also used when you are trying to access a secured or dedicated websites. For instance, one of my client that I worked with recently had some ipaddress written under proxy server.When I asked him if he knows what that entry is, he said that it was for logging into some military site. I left it checked.

8 ) Click on Programs –> Manage add-ons

internet explorer manage add-ons tab

Add-ons give additional functionality to your web browser for better browsing experience. At the same time, it can also destroy the browser or slow down the browser performance. Go through the list of add-ons used by the browser. You can check if the add-on is a good one, by checking the publisher name.If you find a suspicious looking add-on, select it and click on the disable option below it. Add-on related to toolbars are know to slow down the performance of IE. Remove it if you dont use it.

You can also run Internet explorer directly without add-0n

Open Run -> type iexplore.exe -extoff

9) Click on Advanced tab

internet explorer advanced tab

Using IE for a long period might create some changes in the setting here. It is difficult to remember which options needs to be checked and unchecked. Select “Restore advanced settings” to take all the settings to default.

Finally click on OK and then start using IE.

If none of these methods are working, note the “Reset” button under Advanced tab in “Reset Internet explorer settings”. This will set your Internet explorer to the factory settings which will fix most of the complicated issues. Try this as a last step as it will reset all the IE settings.

If you still find issues with IE, Read this article on How to fix corrupted Internet explorer files.

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    • Anup Raman

      Yes, this should fix the problem. However if this is not a browser related issue, then you may have to try other methods. Vista is getting old and sometimes the IE gets easily corrupted. In that case, try installing chrome or Firefox and use it for browsing online

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    • Anup Raman

      Can you try going to Manage Add-ons. Go there and disable all add-ons. Then check if you get recover webpage. If no, then enable 1 add-on at a time till you get recover webpage message again. The one which gave recover webpage on enabling will be the one which is responsible for the problem. Please do update the result.

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    • Anup Raman

      Hi Jacob,

      Yes, it is possible the redirection maybe a simple configuration issue with browser settings.That’s why I insist doing an IE optimization before further moving to steps for removing google redirect virus.

      In this case, it seems something is corrupting Internet explorer.Please go to start->run->appwiz.cpl.In the list of softwares installed, look for any add-ons or toolbars installed for Internet explorer.Remove it.It’s okay to remove these tools or add-on as most of them are free.You can always re-install it,if needed in future. Add-ons and toolbars are the major source of problem for most of the internet explorer issues.
      Also, please check There is a section for “fix corrupted internet explorer”. There is a long list of files that needs to be registered. Follow the instructions mentioned there as it is very easy. This should make sure the internet explorer is healthy.
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