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How to extend Apple Watch battery life

extend Apple Watch battery life
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One main concern for Apple device is its battery life. Apple watch is also prone to this problem. Here is a list of options that will help you reduce the battery consumption in Apple Watch.

Increase Apple watch battery life tips

  1. Keep iOS and watchOS updated

With every update from Apple, it does some tweaking to get the maximum performance from the hardware. If the hardware is able to work optimally, it makes a difference by reducing he battery power consumption thereby increasing battery life.

For this reason, keep your iOS and watchOS operating system updated.

  1. Reduce brightness

Display brightness is a major consumer of battery power. You don’t always have to keep your display with maximum brightness. Play with the brightness, reduce it to a level which suits you. Even a small reduction in brightness can increase the battery life.

Go to Settings -> open Brightness & Text Size. Use the Digital Crown to adjust the settings.

  1. Turn off monitor heart rate

This is one App that is used by lot of users andit also consume lot of battery power. If you don’t need to monitor the reading, simply turn it off. This should help you save some battery power.

  1. Reduce number of notifications

Reduce the number of notifications. For every notification displayed on your device, it takes a certain amount of power from battery.

Open the Apple Watch App on iPhone -> My Watch -> tap Notifications -> choose Custom notifications if you want a custom notification which is different from iPhone settings.

  1. Remove unwanted applications

It is natural to be curious about an App and install to experiment its usefulness. In most cases, users keep the App installed even if it is not used in future. Having too many Apps consume device resources and reduce battery life. It is recommended to remove these unused Apps and keep Watch clean.

Go to Apple Watch Home page -> Press and hold App that needs to be delected -> click on the X icon that appear on the top of App that needs to be removed -> click on Delete App.

  1. Use Power Reserve Mode

If your Apple Watch is low in power, you can put it to Power Reserve Mode to save power. In this mode, it does continue to display basic functions like showing time, but all the other Apps are disabled.

Swipe on watch face -> go to Power glance -> tap Power Reserve -> tap Proceed.

  1. Turn off Parallax effect

The Parallax effect is a special effect that allows you to see the wallpaper through the Apps and which gives you a sense of depth. Any additional animations and special effects is going to take more battery life.

Go to Settings -> Wallpapers and brightness -> choose wallpaper -> Now turn on or off Perspective Zoom > tap Set

  1. Reset Apple Watch

In complicated cases, it’s a good idea to reset Apple Watch to default factory settings. There is possibility of App or settings being corrupted which is the reason for increased battery consumption. A simple reset back to default factory settings should fix these problems.

Open Settings -> Go to General -> choose Reset -> Tap Erase All Content and Settings -> Enter Passcode to confirm you are the owner of this Apple Watch -> Confirm Reset.

A spinning indicator will start indicating reset, followed by Apple logo and configure settings. Please Note:  By Resetting Apple Watch, all the settings and data will be erased.

Hope you find this article useful. Please share your feedback.

It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInPin on PinterestShare on VKShare on RedditPrint this pageEmail this to someone

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