How to Fix annoying webpage jumps in Google Chrome Browser

Fix annoying webpage jumps in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and most popular web browser in the world.

Recently, there is a major problem reported with Google Chrome. When the webpage loads in Chrome, the page starts jumping and skipping. The problem is you can’t click on any links because the page keeps skipping even when you try to click on a link. This mostly results in clicking the back button to go to previous page or completely close down the website. The problem is frequent in poorly coded websites, sites which use lot of java and flash scripts and slowly loading websites.

However, the fix is very simple.

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Type chrome://flags/ in address bar and hit Enter to open the Google Flags page
  3. Scroll down to Scroll Anchoring (You can use Ctrl + F to open Find window, then type Scroll Anchoring to narrow down to the option from the long list.)
  4. Change it from Default to Enabled
  5. Click Relaunch Now

fix chrome webpage from jumping and skipping

Once the browser is relaunched, you won’t have the problem of webpage jumping and skipping without any change in quality of performance.

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