How to make conference calls in Android Device?

Sometimes when you have happy news to convey on call, rather than informing by calling separately it is a better experience to have them all in conference and convey the news. Fortunately, Android devices make it easy to make a conference call.

This article will show how to make a conference call. Please note that the settings may slightly vary from phone to phone.

1. Check if conference call is allowed

Check if your network allows conference call. Most networks support it, but some network might require you need to change some settings in order to enable it in your network. A quick google search will let you know if conference call is supported by your mobile network provider.

2. Call number

conference call android deviceCall the first person in your conference call list. You need to make sure that the first person picks up the call in order to enable conferencing. Android won’t allow you to connect another call without having atleast one person connected. So wait for the first person to answer, so as to dial the next person.

3. Add another caller

add conference call android deviceOnce the first person is connected, you may notice that the Add call button is still highlighted and not greyed out. Tap Add call and go for the next person to add to the conference from address book or dial the number. Make sure that you inform the first person that you are going to put them on hold as they will automatically be on hold while making second call.

4. Merge the calls

conference call merge android deviceWait a little for the second person to answer the call. At this time, the first person will be on hold the entire time. Once the second person answer the call, tap Merge. This will Merge both the calls.

Follow the same procedure for adding more calls. The number of callers in the conference is limited by your mobile network provider.

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