How to Opt out of WhatsApp and Facebook Data Sharing Agreement

facebook whatsapp share privacy agreement

Did you receive a notification which looked like the picture above? If you recently downloaded updates for WhatsApp, you might receive this notification. Here is what happened.

Facebook seems to have come to an agreement with WhatsApp to share WhatsApp data. Facebook which bought WhatsApp recently, wants to use this data to display more relevant ads on Facebook and WhatsApp.

The move was not so happily received by the tech community and privacy evangelists. People are upset that Facebook might get their hands on personal information and contents of chat. The topic is definitely controversial. But there are precautions which can be done from your end to prevent Facebook spying on you. Don’t worry, if you already agreed to the agreement.

You can opt out of this agreement, no matter if you already accepted it or just received it on your device.

If you just received the agreement notification, here is how to Opt out

  • Don’t click on Agree
  • Click on the small Read More option
  • Uncheck the option Share my WhatsApp Account Information with Facebook at the bottom of the window.facebook whatsapp share privacy agreementfacebook whatsapp share privacy agreement

If you already accepted the agreement, here is how to opt out

Remember, this agreement once agreed can be annulled within 30 days.

  • Open WhatsApp Settings
  • Go to Account
  • Uncheck Share my account info

facebook whatsapp share privacy agreement

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