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How to use Google chrome remote desktop connection

google chrome remote desktop connection
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The ability to take remote control or access to another computer is perhaps one of the most helpful feature in an Operating system or program. For e.g., I use remote access to help fix problems in others computer from my office or home. Sometimes I share the screen with other users for training purpose or doing presentations. Remote desktop programs also make sure that you are not misusing the

There are plenty of programs that can be used to take Remote Desktop of another computer. Windows operating system have Windows Remote Desktop feature which allow remote access between computers. There are other third party software’s such as TeamViewer, Remote Utilities, Ammyy Admin, UltraVNC etc.

Google Chrome browser have an extension called Chrome Remote Desktop. The extension is available in Google Play Store.

Installing Chrome Remote Desktop

  1. Download Chrome Remote Desktop from Google Play Store
  2. After installation, click Apps to open Chrome Remote Desktop
  3. Follow the instructions.
    If you want to control another computer, get the access code from other computer and use the Access button to enter the access code of the other computer.
  4. Once the remote access is complete, there will be a task bar notification which confirm the computer is now being remotely accessed.

chrome remote desktop download

google chrome remote desktop

hrome remote desktop viewer

The browser not only allow access to browser on another computer, but also allow taking control of desktop on the other computer. So this tool can be used not only to browse other computer, but also open files and applications, view the contents etc.

The remote desktop app can also be used to take remote of Macs, Tablets or your Smartphones.

Advantages of using Chrome Remote Desktop

  1. The browser extension can be used across all platforms and devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It allows taking remote in Windows, Mac or Linux as long as you are able to install the related Chrome Apps in these platforms.
  2. You are allowed to open files and applications on another computer or device. It gives you the feeling of working on another computer normally.
  3. In extreme cases, third party remote applications may fail to work properly for variety of reason. Corrupted application, corrupted operating system, security software compatibility issues and Firewall are some of the reasons that can stop these applications from working properly. In these cases, if the chrome browser is able to work fine, you will be able to take Remote Desktop Connection.

Android App Chrome Remote Desktop-android-app

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  • Prasanta Shee Dec 18, 2017, 7:27 am

    Google chrome remote desktop is good. Additionally, you may also have a look at R-HUB remote support servers. It provides collaborative remote support and knowledge sharing.

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