Kaspersky Internet Security 2011- Product Review

Kaspersky Internet Security is among one of the best security suite for home and personal computers. Their popularity is evident in the increased sales the company registered last year

Kaspersky is popular being a less resource hungry, yet very efficient in protecting the computer. The installation is pretty simple. But the software is very sensitive if any other security softwares are installed in the computer. So uninstall if any previous security softwares are installed on the computers. If you are comfortable doing technical troubleshooting on your own, there is a knowledge base article which help in fixing problems while installing.

Look at some of the features of Kaspersky Internet Security:

  • KIS got an intelligent firewall, which automatically decides whether a program be allowed to connect to the internet
  • Proactive Defense technology to protect computer against new threats
  • A gadget on the screen shows the health status of the computer. Green shows everything is okay, but if it changes to red or yellow, there is a medium to high security risk. Luckily, next to it there is a small button “Fix it” which will automatically fix the problem.
  • Update  center for doing regular updates
  • Privacy Cleaner clean your computer of recent commands, accessed files, cookies, and logs of other kinds of data
  • Parental control can be set on computer usage (when and what time users are allowed to use computer), application (select which application can or cannot be used by users) and web restriction (allow or restrict websites)
  • Option to create restore disk in event of computer crash

Overall Kaspersky Internet Security is a good buy for set it and forget types and also power users looking for a security software which consumes less resource . It comes at a reasonable price of $79.95 for 3 licenses which makes it a better choice, if you are looking forward to install it in multiple computers.

Visit Kaspersky estore to download Kaspersky Internet Security

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  • panneer

    i do deleted the virus do not deleted in other issues

  • Ravi Kumar

    I had purchased Kaspersky anti virus kit to load in 3 laptops, unfortunately the hard disk of my laptop crashed and i had to change the hard disk now the original CD has been misplaced and i am unable to load the antivirus in my laptop.Is there any way from the co to get this as at the time of registration i had given my email id, or i will have to buy a new one. Ravi

    • Anup Raman

      You must be having the security software installed in the other 2 laptops.Get the product ID and contact Kaspersky with the info.They should be able to do something for you.