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Kobo Glo eBook Reader – A Buyers Guide and Review

kobo ebook reader
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Kobo Glo eBook reader has come a long way compared to its previous versions. This model is something that you should look into if you are planning to buy a new eBook reader. Kobo Glo in short is a well integrated and well illuminated LED touch screen reader with a resolution of 1024 x 768 resolutions. Kobo Glo and its main competitor Amazon Paperwhite is almost similar in performance and specifications, with advantage slightly leaning towards the latter. In this article, we will go through more details to understand why Kobo Glo eBook reader deserves a high rating.

Kobo Glo screen resolution is fantastic. The increase in resolution makes the text sharper than before. You can easily view smaller font sizes without giving much strain to your eye. There is a built in light which means you can read eBooks in any lighting condition. Paperwhite got the advantage here with slightly superior contrast and darker text. Kobo Glo’s light is brighter than Paperwhite, but not that well distributed compared to its competitor. The light in Paperwhite is slightly superior to Kobo even though they use the same technology.

Kobo can provide up to 70 hrs of battery life even with continuous reading with the lights turned on. This is wonderful considering you need to charge the device only once every one or two weeks.

The touchscreen is based on E Ink Device, the best technology used till now for a responsive eBook Reader touchscreen. Kobo has got a wonderful interface. From the main screen, you can quickly select book, tap on it and start reading it. Kobo supports eBook formats such as ePub, PDF, HTML, RTF, Mobi and txt. It also supports BMP, TIFF, JPEG image formats. This is another reason why people are attracted to Kobo because of the supported formats.

You can buy the books if you have a Wi-Fi connection. It has a built in 802.11n Wi-Fi support. It does not support any latest technology such as 3G or 4G. But the existing Wi-Fi should be more than enough for every user. Just connect your device to your internal wireless connection or connect to a public hotspot and download the book you want.

The discover tab shows the book you might be interested in a carousel of book covers. Amazon being Amazon, allow its devices to view the list of books in its integrated store which means lot of books to choose from. But what Kobo have is just a search box. An easier way is to go to Kobo website and have the books delivered to you. People are attracted to Kobo because you are not tied into any one particular store for buying the books. You can buy it from anywhere else except Amazon. Almost all books available in Amazon store are also available in Kobo website. You can also load the PDF and ePub files from a USB connection.

Just tap on the book and it will open. Tap on the left or right and it will turn the pages. Turning the pages is smooth. The default setting only refreshes the page after every six page turns. Tapping the screen once bring up a lot of menus. You have an in book navigation.  You have full control on the book with ability to search for words and table of contents. You can also set fonts from the nine fonts, select a font size, margins, line spacing and justify text.

Kobo Glo eBook reader has 2GB of internal RAM. It also has a microSD card slot that supports up to 32GB of space. Internal memory itself is good enough to carry more than a 1000 books. Having option to add additional memory is more than enough to save your eBook collection of a life time.

Verdict: Kobo Glo is really impressive. It is fast, easy to use and provide a similar experience as in Amazon devices.  Overall, Amazon eReader has a slight edge over Kobo Glo. But considering the almost equal performance and the freedom to buy eBooks from anywhere (unlike in Amazon), potential buyers might find Kobo Glo eBook reader more preferred one.

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