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List of Top Virtualization Programs for your PC

pc virtualization
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Virtualization programs help in running multiple operating systems in your computer at the same time. It is possible to install multiple operating systems, but are very risky as it involves overwriting the boot files which can cause the computer to crash or one or more operating system crash. Virtualization software provide a safe environment to install multiple operating system without affecting the original OS. You can install applications inside these OS and experiment without any damage to the original OS. Here is a list of top virtualization programs for your PC.


VMware is one of the powerful tools for virtualization. It is the first program which was able to virtualize x86 architecture. With VMware, you can easily install any operating system starting from Windows, different Linux flavours, Ubuntu and even Android OS. You need not allocate any separate partition inside the hard disk. Installation is done inside a normal partition which wont interfere with the original operating system files. You can also switch between Operating systems without having to restart Windows. There is also the option to create a virtual copy of your existing operating system, so that you can experiment freely and do not have to worry about it effecting the original OS.


VirtualBox is the main competitor to VMware, developed by Oracle. It is free open source virtualization tool powerful enough for both home and large business users. The software is free to download and can be installed in Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris. Just like VMware, it allows virtualization of Windows, different Linux flavors, Ubuntu and Android. This can be achieved without allocating separate partitions. You can also easily switch between different OS without restarting Windows. You can also configure processor, RAM and graphics card separately for these OS. Virtualizing operating systems, you can try all kinds of software in an easy and simple way.

Install VirtualBox in Windows 8.1


Sandboxie is another virtualization tool which is getting popular with the release of latest versions. The program once installed create an isolated space inside the computer where you can run all the programs. This offers protection to all programs installed inside your computer. It also allows great privacy and security for web browsers. Information related to browsing history, cookies, temporary files created while browsing won’t go out and remains inside the Sandboxie. You can then remove those files inside Sandboxie later at your convenience. By operating your computer this way, it reduce the damage created over a period of time to your original operating system.


Cameyo is another popular virtualization tool. After installing Cameyo, you will be able to package large or small, simple or complex programs into one executable file. After creating the executable file, you can carry it on a USB or upload it to cloud and use it anywhere on another computer without even installing. For e.g, you can create a portable executable file of Firefox and carry it around and use on any computer. Since the file created is portable, you don’t have to install the program on PC. So you can run the program anywhere without needing admin rights to other PC.

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