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Motorola RAZR HD – A Buyers Guide and Review

Motorola RAZR HD
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Motorola doesn’t always have a reputation of creating headlines with their new handsets. Unfortunately most of their models were either disappointing or average compared to its counterparts. Well, not anymore with the release of Motorola RAZR HD. This one is an awesome superb phone making sure Motorola is definitely a name to reckon in smartphone business.

Motorola RAZR HD is aesthetically designed. The distinctive angled corner on the phone gives it a stylish look and has become its signature design. The back side of the panel got a distinctive Motorola style block pattern finish. The phone is protected by Kevlar material giving its toughness and also has a splash guard coating making it resistant to small amounts of water. But don’t think it is waterproof. The USB slot on left side and HDMI connectors are not waterproofed, making it vulnerable to entry of water through these slots. But yes, it still provides some level of protection good enough not to make you worry about using this device in a rain shower.

The phone comes in dimension of 131.9 x 67.9 x 8.4mm. The phone looks large, but weighs just 146 gm and only 8.4 mmMotorola RAZR HD thick. It is comfortable to carry around and hold it in hand. Without doubt lot of attention is put to detail in the build. For eg, main power switch is ridged and placed on the right side. The ridge feels rough on the fingers allowing user to feel and use it without even looking at the phone. The volume has two small knobbles which is placed at each end. Again, you can easily change the volume with the phone in packet.

Motorola RAZR HDMotorola RAZR HDRAZR HD comes with 4.7 inch screen which is one of the largest screens available in the market now. The screen supports 1280 x 720 pixels which can handle displaying images crisply and with plenty of details. The pixel density comes in excess of 300ppi mark allowing it to include more details. It is also Super AMOLED which means very sharp and extremely vibrant colors are displayed. If you are into oversaturated colors, this is the one for you. One important feature that I can vouch for in this phone is your browsing experience. The large screen and tightly packed pixels makes it easy to read web pages without zooming in at all. The same is the case with watching videos and playing games.

Motorola RAZR HD is powered by a 1.5GHz dual core processor. To check the processing power, I tried playing some videos and games. Videos and games played without a glitch, not much to complain about unless you are comparing it with the fastest processor in the market. Often, the improved performance of processor comes by sacrificing battery life. RAZR HD is equipped with a 2350mAh battery allowing the battery to last longer than any other smartphones in the market now. The only disappointment is that you can’t actually open the handset to remove the battery and replace it with a fully charged battery. But considering the battery lasts longer than most of the smartphones, it should not be a problem for most of us to get through a day’s work without the need to recharge.

Other features worth mentioning are an 8 MP camera. The camera was able to shoot quality pictures, surely not bad but not the best. The photo mode includes multi-shot (up to 6 shots) and High Dynamic Range (HDR). Video recording is also available at 1080p HD. For a device which doesn’t brag about its superior imaging capabilities, the camera far exceeded anybody’s expectation. The phone also comes with an internal storage space of 16GB, out of which 12 GB is user accessible. You can also add micro SD card up to 32 GB which goes right next to the slot near the SIM on the left side of the phone.

Motorola RAZR HD is powered by Android 4.1. The phone has 4G support and NFC. Motorola didn’t mess a lot with Android, but kept some neat and useful widgets. A weather/time/battery status widget displays information in circles, each of which you can flip with a finger flick to get to a second function. There is a SmartActions app which gives you the opportunity to set the phone to do a task once certain conditions are met. For e.g., you can ask the phone to turn off certain functions when battery reaches some level or turn on music player as soon as you insert headphone etc. Swiping on the home screen takes it to a settings area which includes the network settings for GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The skin is light, clean and subtle almost similar to Androids Halo theme.

RAZR HD is without doubt one of the best smartphone in its category. The design is thin and stylish. The performance is good with a powerful processor and great battery life. The smartphone comes with a neat skin without overloading Android making it easy to navigate and use the inside features. The handset is also reasonably priced in its price. Consider the points mentioned above, I don’t think there is good enough reason to say no to Motorola RAZR HD.

It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInPin on PinterestShare on VKShare on RedditPrint this pageEmail this to someone

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