Prevent Windows 10 from installing device driver updates automatically

Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced installing all Windows updates automatically on your computer without needing consent from the PC owner. Windows 10 Pro users does have the privilege to opt between automatically installing updates with or without user consent.

Installing Windows updates related to operating system is mostly safe. But installing the part of Windows update which automatically install hardware updates can be risky. These updates can cause hardware compatibility issues mainly with Graphics card, Sound, Network Adapters, touchpad etc. For these reasons, some users prefer to keep hardware updates disabled temporarily until they are sure the update is safe to be installed.

Normally, automatic hardware updates can be disabled directly from Windows update window. But not anymore with Windows 10.

How to prevent Windows 10 from installing driver updates automatically

  1. Right click on Start window
  2. Click System
  3. Click Advanced system settings
  4. Click Hardware Tab
  5. Click Device Installation Settings
  6. Click No under the question Do you want to automatically download manufacturers apps and custom icons available for your devices?

Windows 10 device installation settings

Windows 10 configure device installation settingsFrom now on, your device is safe from installing hardware drivers automatically. If you want to download the update, repeat the same steps as above and enable hardware update.

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