Resolve any print spooler problems using these methods

Resolve any print spooler problems using these methods

Whether it is Home or Office, Printer is increasingly become a necessary accessory in everyday life. Printers are essential to take print documents, create projects, take picture printouts etc. Most printer issues are simple connectivity or software issues, but it can get complicated at times.

One of the problems in Printer is when multiple documents are send to printer to take printouts. These printouts might come from a device directly connected to printer using wired or wireless connection, or it might come from any of the device in a network.

When multiple printouts are send to a printer, the printer save these documents to a spooler where the information is stored in a queue. The printer takes this information one by one on FIFO basis (First In First Out) and take printout thereby releasing the queue.

Sometimes the print spooler may stop working completely. If this happens, you won’t be able to send any more printouts to the printer queue. The printer stops working completely or it might become painfully slow.

Solutions to fix Print spooler problems in Printer

  1. Double click on Printer icon on system tray. From the pop up window, select Cancel All Documents. In simple issues, this should fix the problem.If the entries inside print spooler refuse to go, try the next step.
  2. Press Windows Key + R to open Run window. Type services.msc to open services window. Scroll down to Print Spooler service and double click to open Properties. Click on Restart to restart print spooler service. If the service is not started for some reason, you need to click Start to start the service.If the step didn’t work, try the next step. This is same as what we did in Step 2, but sometime command prompt works better.
  3. Open Command prompt with admin rights. Try the following command in following stop spooler 
    del / q / f / s “% systemroot% \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers \ *. *” 
    net start spooler
    Resolve any print spooler problems using these methods  Check if the problem is fixed.
  4. Restart printer and check if the problem is fixed.

Hopefully, this should fix the problem. You may use the comment section for feedback or any further queries.

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