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Set Restrictions and Parental Control in iPhone 6

iPhone 6 parental control
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One of the first thing to do after buying an iPhone 6 is to secure it. Especially when you have kids at home, you need to set restrictions to make sure they don’t cross the limits. Let’s admit it. Kids today are more tech savvy. They are well informed and curious which might take them to places where they are not supposed to go. Apart the threats for porn and violent games, there is also a risk of running big bills from buying In-App Purchases.

In-App Purchases are features or content that can be bought from within an App. For e.g, some games require you to make a purchase to play the next level or add additional life. In-App Purchases are legal and legitimate. The problem is, there are plenty of cases where Apple have to refund their customers because the phone user made a purchase without the knowledge of phone owner. To prevent such scenarios, it is better to disable it by default.

Restrict In-App Purchases

Restricting In-App Purchases is important to prevent accidental buying and running into unwanted bills. It is very easy to restrict In-App Purchases.

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions
  • Disable In-> App Purchases

You may also notice, there are other features as well which can be blocked. For e.g, access to iTunes Store, iBooks store etc.

How to set Parental control in iPhone 6

  1. Enable restriction

Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Enable Restictions

Once Restrictions are enabled, you will be asked to enter a passcode. This is to ensure, someone other than the owner can change it.

  1. Enable and Disable Apps

It is now possible to disable individual Apps and features like Siri, Safari, Camera, Facetime and AirDrop. You can also disable stores like iTune and iBooks store to prevent online purchase of songs and publications. Once the App is disabled, the corresponding App on the home screen disappear automatically.

  1. Set Age Limit

In some cases, It is not advised to put restrictions on an App completely. For e.g., you can completely restrict webpage access by disabling Safari under Restrictions. But, most of us are comfortable allowing our kids visiting child safe webpages.

Under Restrictions, go to Allowed Content section.

You can set age related limitations here. Every App carries an age rating to inform the user if it is safe for them. If you want to know more details if an App is safe, go to App store and check the information section for more details.

  1. Restrict Game Center

Under Game Center -> turn off Adding Friends and Multiplayer Games

This way you can restrict yourself from sending match requests, sending and receiving game invitations. Adding Friends restrict the user from adding new friends, while the existing friends will remain.

  1. Set Password Immediately

Once you purchase an item from App store or In-App Purchase, the password will be saved automatically for 15 minutes. Next 15 minutes, you are free to purchase without re-entering password. Disable it to ensure it is no misused.

Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Allowed Content -> Require Password. Change it to immediately.

This will ensure that you are required to enter password everytime a purchase is made, no matter when the last transaction was done.

  1. Set Privacy

Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Location Services

The location services can be used to trace the location of the user while using certain Apps. For e.g, the camera can get the details of your location from Maps and post it when you share it online. You can see the list of Apps that use Location service. Apart from location, you can also prevent these Apps from accessing contacts, calendars, reminders, social networking site details etc.

It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInPin on PinterestShare on VKShare on RedditPrint this pageEmail this to someone

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