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microsoft edge browser

Microsoft launched its brand-new browser, Microsoft Edge with the release of Windows 10. In March 2015, Microsoft announced release of IE version 11 and confirmed that it will be the last update for Internet Explorer. Microsoft is slowly wrapping up support for Internet Explorer and encouraging users to use Edge over Internet Explorer. However, it [...]

text search not working in PDF

Microsoft Edge, the default web browser in Windows 10 can also be used to open PDF files. Recently, I came across a problem where the customer complained about Find on Page not working on some PDF files. Here are more details about the problem and resolution. The customer was trying to jump to a section [...]

Windows 10

From time to time, hackers and malware developers found alternate methods to grab unsuspecting user’s attention and get them follow their instructions. Once the user follow their instruction, hackers can use it to steal information and profit from them financially. Microsoft Edge is the default internet browser for Windows 10. Edge is known for being [...]

microsoft edge browser

Users tend to take printout of webpages, applications from websites. Webpages and documents where color doesn’t matter, most users prefer to print the details in black and white. This also allow savings in cartridge ink. For most browsers, the procedure to get a page printed in black and white is straight forward. In Chrome, press Ctrl [...]

microsoft edge browser

Microsoft Edge is now the default browser for Windows 10 user. Microsoft is in the process of removing Internet explorer all together in future versions and concentrate on Edge browser. Edge browser has already proved it is moving the right way. The browser is already faster than its predecessor Internet Explorer. It’s already proven from [...]

microsoft edge browser

Extensions or Add-ons are designed to give additional functionality to the browser. For e.g., installing an add-on or extension for Flash player allow the webpage to display flash games and videos. Major browsers such as Chrome and Firefox have their web stores where you can browse for essential extensions and add-ons. In Internet explorer, add-ons [...]

microsoft edge browser

After using for a certain time, every browser tends to slow down a bit in speed and performance. The problem can be associated with variety of problems such as accumulation of too many temporary files, problems with add-ons, compatibility issues, possible browser corruption etc. So no matter what browser you use, it is recommended to [...]

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