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chrome comment mode add-on

People watch lot of videos these days especially on YouTube channel. Apart from watching videos, it is also interesting to go through the comment section to see the conversation that is happening, find other people’s view and add your own conversation to the discussion. The problem with YouTube is that you have to scroll down [...]

google chrome logo

Google chrome is the most popular browser in the market. It can be used to browse websites and also download files. The downloaded file destination is usually inside the system root drive (drive location where OS is installed, in most cases it is C:\ drive) > users folder > user account > Downloads folder. Problems [...]

google chrome logo

Google Chrome is the most popular in the world. However, the browser has its own share of problems. Here are some of the problems that you might have faced with Chrome Consuming too much memory making the entire PC or device slow. The slowdown may not happen immediately, but it slows down with spending more [...]

google chrome

To those who work constantly on a computer, keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way to open options quickly. Opening an option with a couple of keystrokes is far less strain compared to dragging the mouse pointer, clicking on menu and submenu to open a particular feature. Apart from the strain, keyboard shortcuts also save couple [...]

deactivate Ads based on your interests

Have you noticed that Google always display ads which are relevant to the searches that were made before? This is made possible with the help of cookies which are downloaded to your browser when you visit a website.  These cookies are utilized by Google to track your browser behavior. The next time when you go [...]

google chrome

Chrome is one of the powerful and fastest browser in the browser market. It is also the most popular and most used browser in the world right now. Don’t get me wrong. Chrome is definitely very fast and consumes very less RAM. But that stays only for the first few minutes when you have few [...]

latest version chrome faster

Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the market at the time of writing followed by Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. When it comes to Chrome, even the ardent chrome supporters have no problem admitting to high RAM usage which eventually leads to slow performance. With the release of Chrome version 53, the browser [...]

Fix annoying webpage jumps in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and most popular web browser in the world. Recently, there is a major problem reported with Google Chrome. When the webpage loads in Chrome, the page starts jumping and skipping. The problem is you can’t click on any links because the page keeps skipping even when you try [...]

google chrome remote desktop connection

The ability to take remote control or access to another computer is perhaps one of the most helpful feature in an Operating system or program. For e.g., I use remote access to help fix problems in others computer from my office or home. Sometimes I share the screen with other users for training purpose or [...]

Apple iPhone 7 is better than Google Pixel

iPhone 7 and Pixel are probably the most talked and the best smartphone available in the market right now. The next obvious question is which is the best among the two? Reasons why iPhone 7 is better than Pixel Performance – A10 vs Snapdragon 821 Pixels Snapdragon 821 and iPhone 7’s A10 processors are very [...]

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