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fix monitor Flicker Problems

The other day, I noticed a salesgirl in billing struggling with monitor.  Poor girl was staring hard to read the displayed information and complete transaction. One look at monitor and I could see the monitor flickering wildly and frequently. After a little playing around, the problem was finally fixed by connecting the video cable properly. [...]

Ethernet or WiFi

Ethernet or WiFi? A common question when you have the luxury to connect internet wireless or using wired connection. WiFi is now common mode of internet connection in most homes and offices. WiFi is free from cables. You can connect almost any device to wireless internet. Another advantage is you can roam around freely using wireless [...]

fix print spooler problems

Whether it is Home or Office, Printer is increasingly become a necessary accessory in everyday life. Printers are essential to take print documents, create projects, take picture printouts etc. Most printer issues are simple connectivity or software issues, but it can get complicated at times. One of the problems in Printer is when multiple documents [...]

MediaTek Helio P25 processor

With high profile mobile processors such as Snapdragon 835 and Pinecone getting ready to be released soon, The new processor Helio P25 is part of the P series line of processor.  The new processor is released along with P20, both are predecessor to P10 series. Helio P25 is designed for medium prized smartphones and tablets. [...]

Xiaomi Pinecone Processor

If you want to know the power of a mobile phone, then check its processor. A powerful processor is able to process information more quickly which improve the overall performance of mobile phone. Mobile phone manufactures now have enough option to choose which processor needs to go inside a specific phone model. Some of the [...]

hdd vs ssd vs sshd

Which is the right hard drive storage for my computer? A very common question to anyone who is planning to buy a new computer or upgrade existing one. There are multiple answers to the question. If you ask me, I prefer SSD over other storage types for its performance. But this may not be acceptable [...]

Asus PA32U monitor

Asus unveiled the latest ProArt series of monitors in the recent CES 2017. As the name suggests, the monitor is meant for professional use and off course for the hardcore gamers. The 32-inch diagonal monitor is the world’s first professional direct-lit LED capable of displaying 4K images with UHD and HDR support. With support for [...]

memory type checker

It’s easy to find how much RAM you have on your computer by simply checking My computer properties or by using command msinfo32. But there is no easy way to find out what type of RAM is used in your computer. How to find out more details about your RAM Open your computer casing. Physically [...]

Fix AMD error windows cannot find ‘Bin64\InstallManagerAPP

Just came across this window when I tried to update my AMD Radeon graphics card driver software. A quick search in google revealed that there are other cases reported with the same error message. Cause for Bin64\ InstallManagerApp.exe error This error seems to be from corrupted files or a corrupted installer. In my case, I [...]

windows 10 anniversary update

Windows 10 Anniversary update was supposed to polish the performance and features of Windows 10. There are some reported issues with hardware problems, internet issues, features such as Start Menu etc. One more widely reported problem is the one which broke down the webcam in plenty of systems. In reality, it did not destroy your [...]

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