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WhatsApp rolled out its two-step verification process for added security. The update which was in beta stage from Nov 2016, is now officially released for Android, iOS and Windows Phones. Setting up update however Is optional. You may choose to configure or leave it the way it was inside the settings. Configure WhatsApp two-step verification [...]

iOS 10 Spotlight

Spotlight is a desktop search feature which was initially used in macOS, which is now part of iOS device. Spotlight in iOS come with lot of feature which is not known to everyone. To start Spotlight, touch your finger anywhere on the home screen and drag down to reveal Spotlight search field. In IOS, Spotlight [...]

turn on siri for supported Apps

One of the great features in iOS 10 is the ability of Siri to work with some Apps. Remember, this is not for all Apps, but only the Apps that support Siri. As an example, you can ask Siri to send a WhatsApp message to a certain person or group. To start using this feature, [...]

suspicious App using too much battery in iOS device

The status bar in iOS have a battery icon where you can see the battery status and how much power is left. Knowing the percentage help a user to make a rough calculation on how much time is left before the device gets turn off automatically. There is another feature that could supplement this battery [...]

ios 10 features

7 September 2016, Apple announced its latest iPhone 7. It will be the first Apple product born with the operating system iOS 10, which the company already presented in June, in conjunction with the annual developer conference WWDC. Apple even claims this is the biggest update of its mobile operating system ever, and Tuesday 13 [...]


One distinct feature of iPhone Operating system iOS is its ability to connect with Mac using macOS. Apple calls this feature Continuity which basically means seamless integration between Apple devices. For e.g., if a call came to your iPhone, you can pick it up using your Mac. List of compatible MacOS and Mac machines that [...]

Opera Mini Fact Sheet

opera mini fact sheet

Opera Mini is becoming one of the fastest and popular browser on mobile devices. The App is supported in Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. It has a strong presence around the globe with more than 350 million users. Opera Mini claims it is the fastest browser, faster than even chrome and UC browser. Here [...]

ipad to wireless connection

This article shows the step by step process to connect iPad to Wireless Network. Open Settings App Select Wi-Fi Turn it On position by sliding the button. iPad will now start scanning for wireless networks in its range and display it under Choose a Network Select the name of your preferred network. If the network [...]

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