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fix monitor Flicker Problems

The other day, I noticed a salesgirl in billing struggling with monitor.  Poor girl was staring hard to read the displayed information and complete transaction. One look at monitor and I could see the monitor flickering wildly and frequently. After a little playing around, the problem was finally fixed by connecting the video cable properly. [...]

Asus PA32U monitor

Asus unveiled the latest ProArt series of monitors in the recent CES 2017. As the name suggests, the monitor is meant for professional use and off course for the hardcore gamers. The 32-inch diagonal monitor is the world’s first professional direct-lit LED capable of displaying 4K images with UHD and HDR support. With support for [...]

BenQ BL2711U review

BenQ BL2711U monitor is one of the latest models released in 4k resolution monitors. This model is best suited for graphic designers, artist and also gamers who like display of fine graphic details while playing the game. BenQ BL2711U is a solid product with lot of fine details. The 27 inch provides a lot of work space [...]

multiple monitor

Question: I used to have two monitors on my computer, but have to discontinue one when it got damaged. Now I am unable to view the programs that I used to view on my second monitor. How can I move the programs to my primary monitor? Answer: Open the program. Click on the taskbar icon [...]

A clean LCD screen is the most important factor when It comes to visual media. LCD screen needs to be cleaned properly and periodically. Forget the scratches or deteriorating clarity after using it for sometime without cleaning, but an unclean screen cause unnecessary strain on your eyes without you ever noticing it. But care should [...]

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