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Downloading videos from YouTube is easier now with lot of software and add-ons that support downloading videos. At times, you may end up having to download an entire playlist. For e.g., a step by step tutorial or a workshop, where the entire topic is divided into multiple videos. The problem with multiple videos is that [...]

google chrome logo

Google chrome is the most popular browser in the market. It can be used to browse websites and also download files. The downloaded file destination is usually inside the system root drive (drive location where OS is installed, in most cases it is C:\ drive) > users folder > user account > Downloads folder. Problems [...]

most vulnerable software in 2016

The most popular and most used operating system is also the most vulnerable software in 2016. The details are listed according to CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) on their website. The list contains a list of top 50 software’s which include Operating system and Applications. Don’t consider the list as a negative publicity to the [...]


GeekUninstaller is a third party uninstaller tool that can be used to remove programs from a computer leaving no trace of installed software. The software is free and portable means you can directly run the program from a USB memory stick without installing the program. Every program installed in your computer comes with its own [...]

Wasteland 2 Game Preview

wasteland 2 game

Once upon a time RPGs were isometric affairs, where you and a party of companions would venture out into a world, lock pick every chest you could find and fight enemies in delicately balanced, turn based set pieces. Then Mass Effect came along and it all became about fancy cut scenes and full voice acting [...]

pc virtualization

Virtualization programs help in running multiple operating systems in your computer at the same time. It is possible to install multiple operating systems, but are very risky as it involves overwriting the boot files which can cause the computer to crash or one or more operating system crash. Virtualization software provide a safe environment to [...]

Problems uninstalling Kaspersky Software

Last couple of days, my PC was plagued with problems related to reduced performance and frequent disabling of security software. A little fiddling around and I realized for some reason my Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 was having some problem. The update process was taking forever and it was not updating database. Finally, I decided to [...]


VirtualBox is a cross platform virtualization tool. In layman terms, it allows having a computer inside a computer. It supports both AMD and Intel based computers and support wide range of operating system for different flavors of Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Here is a list of popular virtualization tools. In this article, we will [...]

Skype 6.5 installation error

After the recent acquirement of Skype by Microsoft, it seems there are lot of updates being rolled out for the latest version. And so do the problems related to its latest version. Try these troubleshooting if you face issues after installing the latest version. Uninstall Skype from Programs and Features. Backup Skype data. Go to [...]

Balesio File Minimizer Pictures

Recently I came across an article on Balesio FileMinimizerPictures. I was impressed and decided to give it a try and see the results for myself. Balesio is a fast growing provider of innovative data reduction technology and storage optimization solutions company headquartered in Switzerland. Other products include FILEminimizer Suite, FILEminimizer PDF, FILEminimizer Office, FILEminimizer Server, [...]

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