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Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 720

For those who prefer the convenience and versatility of convertible tablets running Windows OS, you may have to pay attention to the new 12-inch model from Lenovo – Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 720. The tablet is Lenovo’s answer to Microsoft’s answer to Microsoft Surface Pro. Lenovo Miix 720 is a slick, stylish looking and powerful 2 [...]

Microsoft Surface 3 review

Microsoft’s latest hybrid Microsoft Surface 3 is a trimmed down version of Surface Pro 3 and successor to Surface 2. What makes it different from its predecessor is the replacement of ARM processor with quad-core processors and presence of Windows 8.1 as the default OS instead of Windows RT. This way, Microsoft Surface 3 can [...]

windows 8 tablet wireless

This tutorial will show the step by step process to connect Windows 8 tablet to wireless network. Locate the network icon on the bottom of the screen Check the list of networks displays under it Select the network you want to connect to You will be prompted with an option whether to allow this connection [...]

ipad to wireless connection

This article shows the step by step process to connect iPad to Wireless Network. Open Settings App Select Wi-Fi Turn it On position by sliding the button. iPad will now start scanning for wireless networks in its range and display it under Choose a Network Select the name of your preferred network. If the network [...]

android tablet wireless

Connecting to internet is definitely your first step once you get hold of a tablet. Most of these tablets are designed to connect to Internet through Wi-Fi. If your tablet is powered by Android, this step by step information should help you get connected to internet. Please Note that the steps may vary for some [...]

mobile processors

Today’s smartphone and mobile processors are very powerful, so powerful that it is almost as powerful as a desktop computer. Processors are now coming up with more cores. Initially it was Single core, then came Dual core, we now have Quad core, Hexa core and even Octa core. Most processors are 64 bit now as [...]

Tablet PCs are becoming very popular like the cellphones used to be some time back, later followed by smartphones.  Now its the turn for tablet PCs. They are the right choice of equipment for those who are looking for a mobile device smarter than a smartphone, but not the bulk and mass of a laptop. [...]

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