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start menu tiles missing windows 10

There was this case when a customer complained about missing lot of tiles from the Start menu in the process of fixing a malware problem. It is not clear if the tiles were removed because of the malware attack or if it was removed as part of the troubleshooting steps. Removal of tiles from Start [...]

fix monitor Flicker Problems

The other day, I noticed a salesgirl in billing struggling with monitor.  Poor girl was staring hard to read the displayed information and complete transaction. One look at monitor and I could see the monitor flickering wildly and frequently. After a little playing around, the problem was finally fixed by connecting the video cable properly. [...]

fix print spooler problems

Whether it is Home or Office, Printer is increasingly become a necessary accessory in everyday life. Printers are essential to take print documents, create projects, take picture printouts etc. Most printer issues are simple connectivity or software issues, but it can get complicated at times. One of the problems in Printer is when multiple documents [...]

YouTube error unusual traffic from my computer network

Sometimes you may find a YouTube link for viewing a particular video. Once you click the video, you might come across an error message as described in the above picture. Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later. Why did this happen? Cause of YouTube ‘unusual traffic [...]

phone touch screen not working

This is your worst nightmare scenario. Your touch screen phone suddenly stopped working. Most of the mobile phone these days are touch screen phones. Everything right from locking to unlocking, entering data and opening data is all done using the touch screen. So basically when the touch screen stops working, there is nothing much you [...]

Android device not waking up problem

One common problem with Android device is when it fails to wake up automatically. Normally, the device wake up when a phone call, message, alert or scheduled task is activated. Failing to wake up normally can be a software or hardware problem. Software problems are easy to fix, but hardware problems mostly end up replacing [...]

Fix Old Hard Drive

All computer users come across this nagging problem at some point in their life. There can be number of reasons why this might be happening.  It might be a simple problem that you can fix in minutes or serious problem where you might need to replace the hard drive. Step by step instructions to find [...]


WhatsApp use a user’s phone number for authenticating your account. With this, you will be able to send text, pictures, files and even make calls. But the problem is when you change the number. You might need to uninstall the existing WhatsApp and install a new version of WhatsApp with the new number. Even though [...]

Fix DNS Server problems on iPad

DNS Server problem is one of the most common reason for internet connection issues. Usually most problems gets fixed easily just by turning off and on the modem and router which automatically acquire a DNS server address from your ISP. But that may not be successful every time. There is another advantage in changing DNS server [...]

windows 8 boot problem

Windows 8 or 8.1 might fail to boot to desktop after installing Windows update. The windows update may not have installed properly leading to a corrupted file resulting in system crash. Here is a step by step instruction to fix reboot loop after installing Windows 8.1 updates. Restart computer in Safe Mode You may not [...]

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