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Top 10 features that will be added to Windows 10 in 2017

Windows 10
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In a recent Windows 10 event in early November 2016, Microsoft unveiled the upcoming features that will be added to Windows 10 in 2017. These features will be added using another major update named Creator update. The update is rumored to be released by April 2017.

Here are the top 10 features that are rumored to be added to Windows 10 in 2017

  1. Microsoft Edge becomes more visual

The Edge browser will become more visual with creator update. The active tabs will be displayed on top of the current page visually in the form of a carousel on the top.

Vivaldi is another browser which have successfully implemented the large pictures of active tabs in carousel.

  1. Edge allow saving website links for later visit

Edge added a new feature which allow users to save a link for future date.  This is used as a reminder and allow user to schedule visiting a particular link on a future date without fail.

  1. Action center allow continuity of work

Apple have a feature where it allows a Safari tab opened in Mac which you just used in iPhone. Microsoft seems to have liked the idea and implementing it on Windows.

You can now open a document that you were working on in Office on your Home computer and continue working on it. This is made possible using the improved Action Center.

  1. Improved Windows Defender

In a recent AV comparison test, Windows Defender was among the bottom in Top 10 list. With a possibility to get knocked out in AV competition, Microsoft needs to make Windows Defender.

Windows Defender with creator update will be an improved version. Also Windows Defender was a win32 application, but with the latest update it will be another Windows 10 App. How it performs needs to be seen.

  1. More Windows 10 Themes

More Windows 10 Themes are now available in Windows Store. Some of these themes are paid ones.  You can also share the themes between other Windows devices such as Xbox console, Windows Phone etc.

  1. Support for more colours

Windows 10 now support more colours than before. Apart from selecting beautiful themes from Windows Store, you can select from a large range of colours. You can customize Apps, Fonts, Taskbar from wide range of colors.

  1. A new Music Maker App

A new App Music Maker will be added to Microsoft with creative update. The App can be used for collecting music and mix the vocals and music. Ideal for users with musical talent and creativity.

The concept seems to be inspired from Apple’s GarageBand Program.

  1. Control Children time using computer

After installing the new update, you can now control your children’s time on computer. You can set notifications and reminders on how much time is left for the kids to play around the machine. When the time is reached, it either shut down the game or application or even shut down the computer.

  1. Better Stylus support for Word

The stylus is now improved with the new update especially with Office Applications. You will be able to delete written text by striking out using Stylus. You can add comments, draw pictures with the new Stylus.

  1. Better Maps

Windows 10 Maps even got better with the latest update. You can now collect the locations and various items on a map, save it and share it with others.

More details will be added as soon as the information is available. Use comments for feedback.


It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInPin on PinterestShare on VKShare on RedditPrint this pageEmail this to someone

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