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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8

windows 8
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Windows 8 comes with a new interface which can be challenging to many. Even though the tiles like interface can be confusing and uncomfortable for many, it is not as bad as it seems. In this article, we will go through some essential Windows 8 Keyword Shortcuts which at times can help you do the job easy.

  1. Open Start Screen from an App

After opening an app, getting back to start screen is little tricky. Move mouse to bottom left of the screen until a mini tile appears, then click on it without moving the mouse. A click on WinKey gets this job done quickly.

Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey

  1. Opening charms window

Move the mouse pointer to the right side of screen in Windows 8 will bring the Charms Bar slide in. The only annoyance here is the lack of any visual clues for first time users. Forget the mouse, get the charms bar open using WinKey + C

Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + C

  1. Closing an App

After opening an App, move mouse to the top border and wait for hand symbol. Once the hand symbol comes up, click and hold, drag it to the bottom. This will close the App. Why take the pain, just press Alt + F4 will close the App.

Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + F4

  1. Opening Search Window in Windows 8

Open the Charms Bar and click on search. An easier way is to use the keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcut:

WinKey + F (Search for Files)
WinKey + W (Search for Settings)
WinKey + Q (Search for Apps)

  1. Opening App Settings

Use the mouse to right click on App to open up settings.

Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + Z

  1. Switching User

Click on Start screen to get the options for stitching user. The same can be done quicker using Keyboard shortcut.

Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + L

  1. Switching between Apps

Hover the mouse to the top left corner of screen, slide mouse downwards to open App list and pick the one. Sometimes it can be annoying.

Keyboard Shortcut:

WinKey + Tab (App Sidebar Toggle)
Alt + Tab (App List Toggle)

  1. Saving Screenshot

Press Print screen on keyboard, in some computers press Alt + Prnt Scrn and then paste into an application like MSPaint and then save it. But a single keyword shortcut can capture the screen and save it inside a subfolder inside Pictures folder by default.

Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + Prnt Scrn

  1. Open Power Settings

You have to open the Charms Bar and then settings to click the power button and shut down. An easier way is to open the settings using keyboard shortcut.

Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + I

  1. Share Content

Windows 8 allows sharing any kind of content from an application.

Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + H

  1. Open Windows Explorer

Open windows explorer directly using the keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + E

  1. Snap Left and Right

You can snap the Apps left and right, so that you can view multiple Apps at the same time.

Keyboard Shortcut:

WinKey + spacebar (Snap Right)
WinKey + spacebar + Shift (Snap Right)

  1. Open Admin Menu

Opening of administrator tools can be done by going to Charms Bar, then settings and find the administrator tool. Save time by using the keyboard shortcut.

Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + X

  1. Show Display Extensions

You can bring up multi-monitor options and extend the desktop.

Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + P

  1. Open Command Prompt

Command Prompt is very powerful tool especially for doing admin tasks and troubleshooting from time to time. Get it opened quickly.

Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + R

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