WhatsApp stops support for older Operating Systems

whatsapp stop support list

The latest version of WhatsApp will only support the newer operating systems of Android, iOS and Windows phone. So if you use an old phone and want to use WhatsApp, it is time to buy a new one.

WhatsApp will not be supported for the following reasons

  • Reduce additional cost required to maintain support and development for older operating system
  • Inability of older operating system to implement the latest advanced features of WhatsApp

The move is expected to create not much problem for majority of WhatsApp users. All operating systems in the list, except Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry are almost extinct. Even if there are any, the numbers should be negligible. Most mobile users are either using latest phones or migrated to latest Operating system versions.

WhatsApp will not support the following Operating systems

  • Android – Android 2.1 Android 2.2
  • Windows – Windows phone 7
  • iPhone – 3GS, ios6
  • Symbian – Symbian S60 running on Nokia\
  • Blackberry – BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10

For users using old operating system, they simply need to install WhatsApp on a new mobile device. Simply use the same number that you used in old phone to activate WhatsApp. All your contacts and groups will be intact. However, you will lose your chat history. But if you want the chat history to be saved, it is possible to email to your id.

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