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Windows Media Player – Tips,Tricks and Tweaks

windows media player
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Windows Media Player is perhaps the most under estimated of all windows applications which comes incorporated inside the operating system. There is a lot of bad press for(WMP) every now and then. To some extend, it is true especially with the older versions 10 and 11. But with the release of WMP 12 which is available by default in 7, Microsoft can now boast about having a media player good enough to compete with some of the top rated in the category. Lot of computer users opt to download and install a third party rather than the provided by Microsoft. Of course some mediaplayers have more options and play better compared to WMP. But the truth is, WMP is much better than most of the free to download media players available in market. In this article, we will go through some tips, tricks and tweaks which will help you to exploit the real power of WMP.

Internet Radio

At some point of time, you may get bored listening to your own audio and video collections. You can use WMP to listen to radio via internet.

  • Open WMP
  • Click on Media Guide on the bottom left side. If you don’t see Media Guide written there, click on the drop down window and that will show you Media Guide
  • You will get a hyperlink for ‘www.windowsmedia.com’
  • Once you see the website inside WMP, click the link on top right ‘Internet Radio’
  • Select the category that you wish to listen

Automatic Sync

  • Open WMP and open MP3
  • Click on the “Sync” tab on the top and check if the MP3 is detected by WMP
  • Click on drop down window under the “Sync” tab and select “Set up Sync”
  • Click on “Sync this device automatically”
  • Choose available playlist or a new auto play list. This will start automatic sync to your MP3 .( Please be careful about the playlist that you wish to sync as the wrong selection can sync everything including the unwanted files)

Sync iPod with Windows Media Player

Traditionally Apple devices don’t work with products. ever some geniuses have devised a plug in which allow syncing of iPod and iPh with WMP. You need to have version 11 or 12 and only supports Win XP/Vista/Win 7. ever this plug-in comes with a small price. Visit http://www.mgtek.com/dopisp/ for more details. Once the plugin is installed, connect iPod, then just drag and drop the music that you want in iPad.

WMP Enhancements

The latest version WMP 12 comes with lot of that you can expect from home stereo such as mixer, equalizer and other audio tweaking devices. The equivalent of the myriad of knobs and sliders which can be seen on high-end stereo equipment are known as playback enhancements in . Using the built-in playback enhancements for WMP, you can easily optimize audio and video files that suit your tastes.

To access playback enhancements mode, you must be in the “Now Playing Mode”. For that, you need to click on the icon in the botton right corner which will switch to “Now Playing Mode”. Right click anywhere in the “Now Playing Mode” and choose “Enhancements”. The resulting pop up screen list all the different enhancements available.

Crossfading: If Crossfading is turned on, the song will gradually fade out at the end and then the next song fades in. You can increase and decrease the length of overlapping using the slider provided.
Auto Volume Levelling: As the name suggests, it helps in leveling the volume between different songs, so that all looks similar.WMP does this analyzing the song during playback and then add auto leveling information after all the songs are played.
SRS Wow Effect: This allows you to enhance low frequency bass and stereo sound performance. First you need to turn it on and select between normal speaker, large speaker or a headph. Then there are 2 options. Move the True bass slider to left to reduce low frequency and right to boost it. Then there is a WOW effect slider which when moved to left decrease stereo sound performance and moved to right enhance it.
Dolby Digital Settings: These are for Dolby Digital Content. In this menu, you can select between already preset settings.
Normal: Reduce entire range for a quieter playback.
Night: Good for boosting dialogues while toning down others sounds. Good for laptops.
Theatre: Increase range of all sounds and perfect for home theater sort of settings.

Whatever be it, all depends on how you want to listen it. Experiment with these settings and you will be surprised to find how good WMP is. Download the latest version here.

Some Keyword Shortcuts for Windows Media Player

  • Alt+1 Video size 50%
  • Alt+2 Video size 100%
  • Alt+3 Video size 200%
  • Alt+Enter Toggle display for full-screen video
  • Ctrl+1 Switch to Library
  • Ctrl+2 Switch to skin mode
  • Ctrl+3 Switch to Now Playing mode
  • Ctrl+7 Add to playlist
  • Ctrl+8 Add to burn list
  • Ctrl+9 Add to sync list
  • Ctrl+B Previous (item or chapter)
  • Ctrl+F Next (item or chapter)
  • Ctrl+H Turn shuffle on or off
  • Ctrl+J Eject CD or DVD (this doesn’t work on computers equipped with two or more CD or DVD disc drives)
  • Ctrl+M In the Library, s or hide the menu bar
  • Ctrl+N a new playlist
  • Ctrl+Shift+B Restart video
  • F4 Switch the view of items in the details pane
  • Shift+F10 S shortcut menu
It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInPin on PinterestShare on VKShare on RedditPrint this pageEmail this to someone

About the author: Anup Raman A Tech Enthusiast|Blogger|Tech Trainer with 10+ yrs experience in the field of IT. My expertise are in Operating Systems, mainly Windows and Computer security which comes from my experience, working as Tech Support and Trainer for Microsoft, Symantec and McAfee. Loves blogging about Technical Troubleshooting, discussing latest Gadgets, Games and doing Reviews.

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