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Reading Time: 1 minute
Microsoft Excel for Android convert Table into Excel Sheets

Microsoft has recently rolled out a new feature for the official Excel app on Android. The new feature is for users who would like to use the image of a table and convert the contents of the table into excel usable data. Microsoft Excel App in Android now is capable of doing all the work [...]

Reading Time: 1 minute
IP code protection

IP Code also called Ingress Protection, is an International Protection Marking to rate devices based on the extent of protection provided by the casings and electronics enclosure against dust, water, collision impact, and intrusion. The two numbers of the protection class have the following meaning: The first digit indicates how resistant the housing is against [...]

Reading Time: 2 minutes
All you need to know about internet cookies

Cookies are data that a website caches on your computer when you visit the site. These cookies come from any websites such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. It contains information such as Account name, language, page settings, e-mail address, etc. The cookies are meant to facilitate surfing the internet. For e.g, the cookies save username [...]

Reading Time: 1 minute
Apple Watch walkie-talkie feature by Apple

Apple once again is struggling with a software bug. It concerns the walkie-talkie function of the Apple Watch, which was therefore deactivated for the time being. The app will still be able to be found on the watch, but will not be able to connect to contacts. An error message or an indication does not [...]

Reading Time: 3 minutes
support for windows 7 ends in Jan 14 2020

The final countdown for Windows 7 is on. From January 14, 2020, in exactly half a year, Microsoft will discontinue support for the operating system. Then there will be no software or security updates. For as much whirl as the support end of Windows XP five years ago, the end for Windows 7 should not [...]

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Philips 55OLED803 OLED Android TV Review

Philips 55OLED803 UHD OLED is a 4K TV based on Android. Typical for TVs from Philips is the Ambilight light on the back of the device. The 55OLED803 has a three-sided – on the top and sides – LED Ambilight. The fairy lights can be adjusted in various modes for games or music, for example, and [...]

Reading Time: 3 minutes
iOS 13 security features for iPhone

The next version of the operating system, which will launch its official debut in mid-September, will stand out by being exclusively reserved for Apple’s iPhones and their latest iPod Touch. iOS 13 is already in its fourth beta release, and it provides insight into the many security measures Apple is now taking into their mobile [...]

Reading Time: 2 minutes
cryptojacking prevent illegal mining

Your computer could be secretly mining cryptocurrency, piggybacking on your computer’s processing power to generate new coins and make transactions without your knowledge. The worse, you don’t even get even a share of what was generated using the resources of your computer. Cryptojacking is the unauthorized hijacking of other’s computer or resources for the purpose [...]

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Hannspree-HS329PQB review

Hannspree HS329PQB is a relatively cheap monitor to buy with the best features. The monitor comes with a 31.5-inch display, a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels (QHD) and even an integrated stereo sound system. The most important technical details at a glance: Hannspree HS329PQB Monitor  Design Assembling the monitor is very easy. First, the [...]

Reading Time: 2 minutes
PicPick - Best Software for taking Screenshots

Taking screenshots is something that everybody does quite often than they used to do in the old days. Most users like to take screenshots of payments, bills, receipt just to keep it as evidence so that they won’t get burned in case of any transaction issues. There are tools like Windows own native Snipping Tool [...]