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Fix Windows Media Player service failure in Windows 10


Windows Media Player, the default media player is one of the best and most widely used of all media player softwares. Being part of the operating system, the media player is also vulnerable to frequent errors and unexplained shutdowns. One of the most frequent error messages is when Windows Media Player refuses to open or [...]

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London

wikileaks founder julian-assange-arrested

Internet activist and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange have been arrested in London at the Ecuadorian embassy. The 47-year-old was deprived of diplomatic asylum. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested in London at the Embassy of Ecuador. The native Australian lived there since June 2012 in self-imposed exile. The 47-year-old wanted to avoid arrest and [...]

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Samsung-galaxy-buds product review

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Buds together with the Galaxy S10 series at the end of February 2019 at the unpacked event. The Samsung Galaxy buds is the successor to the Samsung Gear IconX from 2018, but the buds offer other features. With the Samsung Galaxy Buds, Samsung brings a new True Wireless headphone on the [...]

Dual Sim Phones – Advantages and Disadvantages

dual-sim disadvantage

Dual Sim, a feature which was available only in certain models and from certain manufacturers is now becoming a common feature for most new phones. Even Apple has joined the dual Sim club with the release of iPhone XS series. Dual Sim phones are phones which have two compartments inside to accommodate both Sims. Such [...]

Katie-Bouman, black hole picture

The first picture of black hole made her famous overnight. The 29-year-old American computer scientist Katie Bouman has made a decisive contribution to researchers around the world, the first recording of these objects has succeeded in space. She developed the computer algorithm that allowed the composition of the image from data from huge radio telescopes. [...]

no more safely remove hardware windows 10

Since the official release of the Windows 10 version 1809, USB sticks no longer have to be removed under the button Safely remove hardware. This was announced on the Microsoft website. This is good news for a good majority of Windows users.  Most users do not follow the instructions to Safely Remove Hardware for USB [...]

Mozilla Firefox 66.0.3 maintenance update

Mozilla is redistributing a new version of Firefox. The developers of Mozilla have released an unscheduled maintenance update to version 66.0.3 for Firefox for Windows, macOS and Linux. With this update, Mozilla has not closed any security holes and added new features, but fixed bugs found in previous versions. The address bar on tablets under [...]

recover WiFi password

The heading sounds a bit funny. Why need a Wi-Fi password if the windows device is already connected to WiFi? True. You may have memorized it or written somewhere. But what if you forgot the password and want to use it for adding more devices. This method is only valid if you have a windows [...]

How to find the right Laptop for you

select laptop

A Laptop is the ultimate choice when it comes to portability and power for computational purposes. Modern Laptops have so many options available when it comes to portability, computational power, brands, and budgets. With that many options, it is confusing to make the right choice. This article will cover the different features that are available [...]

iPhone XS Max Review

iPhone 10 S Max Review

Apple released the biggest smartphone ever made in iPhone series -iPhone XS Max (pronounced as iPhone Ten S Max). The iPhone X series is released to mark the 10th year anniversary of iPhone. iPhone XS Max was released in September 2018 along with iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Is iPhone XS Max, the best iPhone [...]