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7 hidden features on your iPhone

iPhone hidden features

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There are lot of hidden features and shortcuts on iPhone that not much are aware of. Here are 7 hidden features on your iPhone which you might find useful and time saving.

  1. Open camera

The usual method to open Camera App from lock screen is to swipe camera icon on the lower right corner. With iOS 10, there are no more camera App icon on the lock screen. This can be confusing to new iPhone users since the camera icon is missing.

To open camera App on iOS 10, simply swipe left on the lock screen to open camera App.

  1. Delete accidentally typed numbers in IOS calculator App

At some point, we all use calculator App using our smartphones. In iOS, the most commonly used App for this purpose is calculator App. One annoying problem with the App is lack of back button or delete button. Once a mistake is made, you have to start all over to start calculation.

However, the solution is simple to delete a number. All you have to do is simply swipe the number that is needed. You can swipe through the numbers all at once to remove all number or swipe individually to delete number one at a time.

  1. Open favorite site using an icon on the desktop

Do you have a favorite website which you open regularly from iPhone? If you have, maybe the easiest way to access the site will be by using a website icon that is saved on the home screen.

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To create website icon, first open the website using Safari. Now tap the share icon. Tap Add to Home screen. Name the icon, then tap Add in the top right corner.

  1. Change the flashlight brightness

iPhone flashlights can be a very handy tool. But at times, you may wish if you could have adjusted the brightness. Reducing the brightness can help save battery life and make it last more.

Adjusting brightness can be achieved using 3D Touch. Swipe from bottom of Home screen to open Control Center. 3D Touch the flashlight icon. You will find a pop up where you can select from Bright Light, Medium Light or Low Light.

  1. Quickly swap between Pages

When you have too many Apps installed or enabled, it means lot of pages to swipe through to get to your App. It’s easy, but when you have to do it lot of times, it may feel like a lot of work. To navigate through the webpages faster, click on the tiny dots located above the bottom dock. The dots represent the corresponding pages. Use the dots to switch directly to a particular page.

  1. Find hidden characters in Keyboard

There are plenty of characters in your keyboard than you think. To access these additional characters and symbols, simply press and hold a key. You can find the additional characters associated with this key. You can find lot more emoji’s, currency symbols, accents etc. Simply tap on the character to select it.

  1. Insert period after sentences

When composing messages, it’s important adding periods and punctuations to effectively communicate the intended message. To insert a period, simply double tap the space bar button. By doing this trick, it adds a space after the period. The first letter of the sentence will be capitalized automatically.

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