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7 Ways to Keep your Computer Fit

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Are you afraid that your computer is not well protected? Are you scared that sooner or later you might end up re-installing everything in your computer cos something is not working right? Are you looking for how to keep the computer secure and healthy for a long time? This article goes through 7 basic factors which will help to keep your computer fit for a long time.

  • Stay Secure

It is very essential that your computer should be protected by security software. Ideal recommendation is to buy an internet security suite which provides protection against a wide range of security threats such as virus, trojans, adware, malware, rootkits and hacker attacks. If you can’t afford it, you can always go for the free security softwares such as Windows Security Essentials.

  • Modify your online behavior

Don’t click on suspicious looking links in emails. Read emails in .txt format rather than .html format as the latter can hide suspicious scripts inside. Don’t open suspicious mails especially with an attachment. Use strong passwords for your email account. If you have to enter a website which looks suspicious, but not sure about, then check website reputation from http://www.mywot.com/ or similar sites before entering. Make sure that you monitor downloads using security software.P2P websites, torrent sites are breeding grounds for malware. So be careful about what you download. Keep you web browser updated, so the malware or a hacker can’t get inside using loopholes in the browser.

  • Think Twice before installing program

We all have gone through situations where in you are provided with a software and you are not sure if you need it, unless you try it by installing it.  You need to think twice before installing any program. Before installing the program you need to check if the program is genuine software with a good reputation and if it is really needed and will help productivity. Too much of programs installed can lead to cluttering of files and may lead to compatibility issues. This might lead to slowing down performance of your computer, render some software applications useless and in extreme cases can lead to system crash. So keep your computer healthy by keeping it clean with only bare minimum software installed.

A solution to this will be to check if there is a portable version of the program that you want to try, so that it can be run from a USB drive without actually installing it inside the hard disk. If you find it useless, make sure to remove it.

  • Uninstall more cleanly

Uninstalling software for keeping computer clean is essential. But if the program is not uninstalled properly, it can lead to more problems because of the residual left over files and registry entries. This is very true especially with security softwares. They are notorious for creating more problems if not removed properly.

A solution will be to use uninstallation tools specifically created for removing the program. For eg, Norton have created their own software uninstallation tool after repeated complaints from customer. Similiarly, check if there is uninstaller specifically created for removing your software. Or use uninstallers such as Revo Uninstaller which will help in removing software completely and remove leftover files and registry entries.

  • Stay up to date

There is a reason why Operating system, programs and security softwares keep updating their software. When it comes to OS, Microsoft periodically release updates for plugging software loop holes, patches for debugging codes, hardware updates for better perconfigurationance and add some additional functionality. These are release in the form of updates. It is the same with other software program as well. When it comes to security software, they release updates periodically to keep it updated against the latest threats.

It is essential to keep your computer with the latest updates installed, so that you are up to date and well protected against threats.

  • Look after your drive

You should always shut down the computer properly so that the hard disk is not affected. Just in case, you were forced to shut down improperly, do a scan disk as soon as you get the opportunity. Always scan the C:\ drive first as it is the location where operating system is installed by default in most computers. There are tools available, paid and free ones which can monitor the health of hard disk.

  • Use a clean-up tool

Traditional cleanup methods are not good enough to remove most of the  junk files and entries from registry. The best method to do it is using clean up tools. Ccleaner is undoubtedly the best software in this category, atleast under the free software category. This software is constantly listed as a must have software in a Windows computer.

Hope this keep your computer fit and without issues for a long time.

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  • Adam Brown July 27, 2012, 11:39 am

    Hi Anup Raman
    Thanks for sharing the useful tips !
    All these are really useful ways to keep computer fit and thus can gain a high longevity.
    Thanks again

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