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8 reasons to upgrade to windows 8

reasons to upgrade to windows 8

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Microsoft is expected to release their latest operating system by around July . As the date is soon approaching, everybody is left with the question “Is it worth to upgrade to Windows 8?” For XP and Vista users, it is a definite “yes” from me. But for most Win 7 owners like me, it’s a tough decision. Hopefully this article will help you in making a decision.

Touchscreen support

The most important and obvious change that happened to the latest operating system is the support for touch screen. The metro interface, which is similar to the touch screen interface seen in cellphones is introduced in Win 8. They are designed specifically with touch screen in mind. If you are using a touch screen enabled device, it is well worth going for Windows 8. At the same time, it also supports traditional mouse and keyboard. So you don’t have to worry about a costly hardware upgrade for working with Windows 8.

Metro User Interface

The Metro user interface is a radical redesign for the operating system. Unlike the normal desktop with icons, MUI displays icons as live tiles. You can simply launch the application directly by touching the icon. Same way you can close the application, check menus and do more by different gestures using mouse or touch screen. Mouse and keyboard also goes well with MUI. Overall, the interface is easy and intuitive to use, especially with touch screen.


Just like the apps that we see in mobile phones, Windows 8 also supports apps. You can browse, download and install apps which are designed for MUI from Windows store. Win 8 comes with preloaded apps such as calendar, photos, music, video and messaging. At present Windows store have less, but not so bad collection of apps which cater to your specific needs or function. But the number of apps will increase considerably once Win 8 is launched officially.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing and storage is the technology of future and increasingly becoming popular these days. Win 8 is developed with a lot of focus on cloud computing services. You can easily have your files and settings saved inside cloud, so you can be sure that you have everything you need intact when logging into a Win 8 computer.

Lock screen and picture password

Windows 8 comes with support for picture password. First you need to configure it by making gestures such as tap on the picture, draw a line between certain points in the picture or drawing circles. Once configured, all you need is to reproduce the same to unlock the PC. You can also lock the screen using pictures or using app notifications.

Device Compatibility

Windows 8 is designed to work on lot of different devices. So no matter, how big or small the screen is, you will get an optimum performance from these devices. Win 8 will scale down perfectly to its configuration and provide a uniform performance across all platforms.

Backward compatibility

Some users might find Metro User Interface difficult to digest. But no problem, as you have the option to go back to the classic windows interface. So you get the best of both worlds by upgrading, bringing the new features of Win 8 as well as the familiarity of the classic windows interface.

Task and File Management

Some tweaks have been made to task manager and file management. File manager consolidates multiple file operations into one window with the option to pause or cancel each one individually. A real time graph is also displayed which shows the speed of file transfer. Since Apps are introduced in Win 8. Task manager is split into apps and background processes. A new tab “App History” is also introduced, so that you can track which app is using maximum data.

Hopefully, now you have enough reasons now for upgrading to Windows 8.

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