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A list of GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes

A list of GTA San Andreas-cheat-codes

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GTA San Andreas is an amazing addictive game. Just like any games, GTA also come with cheat codes. Cheat codes allow you to take your game to another level. You should try these codes and try it yourself to see the differance it makes to your game style. Here is a list of important cheat codes for GTA San Andreas.

How to apply cheat codes to GTA San Andreas

Simply type the codes while playing the game. Do not enter the codes when the game is paused.

The GTA San Andreas codes

HESOYAM – Life, armor, money $250K
LXGIWYL – Weapon Set 1 Thug Tool
KJKSZPJ – Weapon Set 2 Professional Tool
UZUMYMW – Weapon Set 3 Nutter Tools
BAGUVIX – Indefinite Health (This is one of the most used codes GTA San Andreas)
AEZAKMI – No Police
JUMPJET – Flight Hydra
OHDUDE – Helicopter Hunter
WANRLTW – Armament infinite
AIWPRTON – Rhino tank
YECGAA – Jetpack
JYSDSOD – Max Muscle
COXEFGU – nitro cars
BEKKNQV – Slut Magnet

GTA San Andreas codes – traffic and skills

YLTEICZ – Aggressive Driver
LLQPFBN – cars turn pink
IOWDLAC – cars become black
AFSNMSMW – boats can fly
BTCDBCB – You become fat
JYSDSOD – Maximum Muscle
KVGYZQK – You become skinny
ASBHGRB – All people become Elvis – one of the funniest codes GTA San Andreas
BGLUAWML – People on the street attack you
AEZAKMI – Niciodaca not you’re wanted by the police
CIKGCGX – beach party
MROEMZH – Everywhere are bandits
MROEMZH – gangs controlling the city
AFPHULTL – turn you into a ninja
BEKKNQV – All women come to you
GUSNHDE – All cars in traffic are fast
BGKGTJH – All cars in traffic are cheap
RIPAZHA – cars flying
JHJOECW – Jump like a kangaroo
JUMPJET – Hydra appears

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GTA San Andreas codes – special effects in the game

Another codebook GTA San Andreas with the most used codes from the game.
KGGGDKP – appears a Vortex Hovercraft
COXEFGU – All cars have Nitro
BSXSGGC – cars flying when hit
XJVSNAJ – all the time is midnight
OFVIAC – An evening sky, orange
CWJXUOC – Storm sand
CFVFGMJ – foggy weather
LFGMHAL – Bounce huge
BAGUVIX – increases your health – one of the most used codes GTA San Andreas
CVWKXAM – Oxygen infinite
AIYPWZQP – You parachute
YECGAA – You Jetpack
LJSPQK – level Wanted level 6
YSOHNUL – time passes faster
PPGWJHT – game is played faster
LIYOAAY – game runs slower
AJLOJYQY – People on the street is CAFTA
BAGOWPG – you have a price on your head
FOOOXFT – Everyone is armed
CQZIJMB – appears a Bloodring Banger
JQNTDMH – appears a car Rancher
PDNEJOH – appears a race car
AQTBCODX – appears a Romero
UBHYZHQ – appears a car garbage
RZHSUEW – appears Caddy
CPKTNWT – All cars blowing up
XICWMD – machine becomes invisible
SZCMAWO – Commit suicide

GTA San Andreas codes: climate control

Have a codebook GTA San Andreas which can even control the weather and temperature in the game if you want to add a touch of drama.
PLEASANTLYWARM – Sunny weather
TOODAMNHOT – weather very sunny
NIGHTPROWLER – The game is played only at night
SpeedItUp – gameplay accelerated
SLOWITDOWN – gameplay slowed
CIKPYH – very sunny time
ALNSFMZO – time cloudy
AUIFRVQS – rainy weather
CWJXUOC- Sandstorm
YSOHNUL – time passes quickly
PPGWJHT – Game play fast
LIYOAAY – Game play slowly
XJVSNAJ – it’s always night
OFVIAC – orange Sky (sunset)

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GTA San Andreas codes – other passwords

BAGOWPG – you have a gift head
FOOOXFT – Everybody carries guns
BLUESUEDESHOES – Elvis is everywhere
BGLUAWML – You attacked with guns and rocket launcher
CIKGCGX – party on the beach
BEKKNQV – Magnet for girls
PRIEBJ – Funhouse
SJMAHPE – Anyone pistol has
ZSOXFSQ – Anyone rocket launcher
MROEMZH – wherever gang members

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