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All you need to know about Mobile Payment Systems – Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay

different Mobile Payment Systems

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The concept of mobile payments is getting popular these days. Gone are the days when you have to carry solid money or cards to make a payment. All you have to do is just hover your mobile close to the payment machine which then communicate and complete the transfer. It is more likely that more mobile users will turn to mobile payments very soon.

Is your mobile eligible for being used as mobile payments?

All the online payment methods make use of NFC (Near Field Communication). This technology allows a phone or a mobile device to communicate with the payment terminal. The communication field is very limited only a few centimeters apart from each other. This is why you need to hover your mobile device close to the payment terminal to initiate payment. Since the communication involved is sensitive, all communications are encrypted.

So, check if your mobile device supports NFC. You may check the device product details or check online for your mobile model to check if it supports NFC.

How secure are mobile payments

  • Since the payment happens using NFC, you need to hover the mobile device a few centimeters from payment terminal. Then you need to enter your fingerprint or PIN to complete the transaction. Even if your phone ends up in wrong hands, they can’t complete the payment without authenticating using fingerprint or PIN code.
  • The card details are safe inside the mobile app as they don’t store details on their server. Instead, they use a technology called tokenization to generate one time unique number which represent your card details. This is saved as a secure element and used to make payment to merchant ID.
  • You can configure your account to notify immediately when a payment is made. This way you can be sure there is no illegal transaction.
  • You can also configure to remotely wipe out details inside your phone.

How to configure Android Pay

Android pay
Android pay works with all NFC enabled device using Android 4.4 and above.

  • Download Android Pay from Google Play
  • Line up your credit card or debit card within the on-screen frame. Android pay will automatically detect the name and number written on the card. If Google Play failed to pick the details automatically, you need to enter the details manually. You also have to enter the three digit CVC number and expiry date.
  • Go to settings, configure notification settings and promotional offers etc.

Android pay is now ready to use. When it is time to make a payment, just show the back of the phone on the payment terminal. Wait it till authenticates the transaction. You may have to enter the PIN if prompted. Newer versions of Android Pay with Marshmallow OS and above is capable of authenticating using finger print scanner.

How to configure Samsung Pay

samsung pay

Samsung Pay App will be installed in your phone if Samsung Pay is supported.

  • Open Samsung Pay. You need to sign in using Samsung account.
  • Assign your fingerprint or a PIN when prompted (Fingerprint is fast and much secure)
  • Tap on Add credit card/debit card. Keep the card within the photo frame which allow Samsung Pay to capture the image and add the card details automatically.
  • Once the details are added, the payment network might take some time to verify the details.

Once the verification is completed, you are ready to use Samsung Pay. To make payment, open Samsung Pay and select the card. Press fingerprint or enter PIN to authenticate. Simply hover phone over the shop terminal to complete the transaction.

How to configure Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay can be configured on all these Apple devices by iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, SE and Apple Watch. This can be configured on iOS10 platform and above. Apple Pay is available in the U.S., UK, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand

  • Open Wallet
  • Press Plus button on the right side to add Credit/Debit card
  • Follow the steps to add the new card details. If you have a card associated with your iTunes account, you can also add it by simply entering security code.
  • Tap next to allow card issuer or bank verify information.
  • Once the details are verified, you are ready to use the card.

When it is time to make a payment, simply open Apple pay, select the card, hover it over the payment machine and press home to authenticate your fingerprint for verification.

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