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All you need to know Apple’s new OS, iPadOS

Apple iPadOS

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Apple has always positioned the iPad as a replacement for the computer. Now Apple is coming with a new operating system for the mobile devices. The new OS is designed to give an ordinary mobile device more features to work as a full-fledged PC. The new OS is called iPadOS.

What is iPadOS

iPadOS is a new OS from Apple to use it on mobile devices. The OS is different from iOS. The iOS will remain for desktop and laptops, while iPadOS will be loaded on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, etc. As the name suggests, the OS will be designed specifically for devices like iPad to make it more productive and give a better overall performance.

What will happen to iOS?

Is it going to be discontinued? No, iOS will be continued on other devices from Apple. It will continue to develop and release updates. iOS is already upgraded to iOS 13. Some features of iPadOS such as Dark Mode, Street View look around feature, Find My App, improved Siri and Sign in with Apple ID are all taken from iOS 13.

Difference between iOS 13 and iPadOS

iPadOS has a new improved Home screen that provides more space for iPad screen to display more content. The icons are small and fit to a tighter grid. There is a today’s view widget which can be pinned to Home screen. The widget display news, weather, headlines, etc. The dock which gives easy access to favorite apps is retained in the new design.

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What’s new in iPadOS 13?

Main screen. The iPad’s desktop was completely changed: on each of them more applications are shown, and it is also possible to display a panel with widgets (weather, news, calendar, etc.).

iPadOS Apple homescreen

Updated Split View and Slide Over modes. If there is a need to simultaneously work with several files or documents in the same application, then this is not a problem using the Split View mode.

To quickly view content from different programs and switch between them, you can use Slide Over.

That is, you can write one letter and view another in the next window. A swipe gesture helps you quickly switch to other applications. But if there is a need to see the entire opening of the window, then open the Expose application.

iPadOS slider view

Shared Files. Added support for shared folders in iCloud Drive. If the user has access rights to the shared folder, he will always see the most current versions of the files.

iPadOS 13 finally supports flash drives and SD cards that can be controlled directly in the application.

iPadOS 13 also have the ability to create a PDF file, store, and archive files

Safari. Safari is the default web browser for iPadOS. The tab management is improved. The main difference is that users will be able to view websites in Desktop view rather than the Mobile View. This change is particularly helpful when watching WordPress websites and Google Docs. Also, Safari has built-in features such as a download manager and 30 new keyboard shortcuts.

Editing text. Now, this process will be faster and much easier. You can highlight text with the usual brushing, There are new gestures for easier copying, cutting and pasting text, as well as the cancellation of the previous action.

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iPadOS improved text editing gestures

Keyboard shortcuts

New keyboard shortcuts are added to facilitate quick navigation and transfer to files between locations.

Dark mode and other features as in iOS 13. Given the moment that iPadOS is based on iOS, many new features will be the same. These include the Dark mode, Swype-style typing, Face ID is faster, and applications will open twice as fast. Do not forget about the entrance using Sign in with Apple.

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