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All you need to know about Opera GX Browser, World’s First Gaming Browser

All you need to know about Opera GX Browser

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The Norwegian company Opera Software has announced a new browser Opera GX designed for gamers. The company is marketing this product as the world’s first gaming browser.

Opera GX Browser is a special version of the Opera browser. The browser allows players to control CPU and memory consumption to ensure smooth gameplay and streaming of the game. The browser is distinguished by the presence of Twitch integration and tweaking capabilities. The gaming browser includes unique features that will help you get the most out of games, socializing and surfing the web.

The browser can be downloaded from Opera GX download website.

Main features of Opera GX Browser

GX Control panel

Are you worried about browser consuming too much system resources? Opera GX has the easiest solution. The browser allows a user to assign a certain amount of RAM and CPU dedicated to the browser. There are 2 options
Opera GX Browser control panel RAM CPU limiter
RAM limiter: Set a hard limit on the use of RAM by your browser.
CPU limiter: Limit CPU usage to your browser. Both functions allow you to play and stream games without closing the browser.

Twitch Integration

twitch integration in Opera GX Browser
Never miss live broadcasts. With Twitch integration right on the Opera GX sidebar, you can easily follow your favorite channels, find out who is online, and choose to receive notifications when someone is on the air.

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GX Gaming corner

Stay up to date with the best discounts on games, the latest releases and the latest gaming news in one easily accessible place.

GX sound effects

Opera GX has sound effects built into the browser, created in collaboration with sound producer Ruben Rincon and the Berlinist group, which recently received a BAFTA Games Awards nomination for the original soundtrack for the Gris game. Sound effects can be turned on and off in the settings.

GX Themes and color designs

Choose a design using specially designed wallpapers, or easily set your own desktop wallpaper as a browser background. You can customize your browser to any color you like and choose various special effects and themes. There are plenty of color schemes to choose to make the browser look good.

Opera Desktop Browser

Apart from gaming, the GX browser also allows easy access to social media websites. Users can visit websites and simultaneously chat on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Vkontakte, and WhatsApp, which is built right into the browser sidebar.

Video in a separate window

See Twitch and Youtube in a separate window. The video remains visible in a floating window above the tabs and other applications.


Enjoy faster and ad-free web surfing with built-in adblocking. You can easily disable anti-banner to support website creators.

Free VPN

Experience greater privacy and security with a built-in free VPN in a browser that works without restrictions.


In addition to the fact that Opera has its own extension store, Opera GX browser is compatible with Google Chrome extensions.

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