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App Crash – A Simple To-do List for Mac, iPhone, iPad

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It is common to find an app crash or froze and you are forced to quit it. Find out what you need to do when an application crash in Mac OS.

Reopen the application

Once the app crash, reopen the app using the dialog box that appears soon after the crash. There are numerous reasons why an application might crash. Re-launching help the application to start from fresh avoiding the conflicts that caused the crash. Simply re-launching the application fixes most of the issues.

Restart Mac

Sometimes the application crash may not be completely related to the App, but also might be conflicts with Mac OS. Restarting the Mac allows to clear the slate and the application can start from beginning.

Check if there is any update

Just a week back, a friend of mine took his MacBook Pro to me complaining the iPhoto application is not at all working. I just checked the software updates section and noticed that there was a 1.24GB update which was partially downloaded and waiting to be downloaded completely and installed for the iPhoto. Once we finished installing the update, it worked fine.

Always check if there are any new updates for the application that you use. Usually the updates will have solution to the problem. If the application is in the middle of updating, then also the app may not respond.

Make sure there are no conflicts

An app might crash if there is a conflict with one or more applications. You may find it out by simply closing all the running applications and then launch the application that is crashing. If the problem is with conflict with another application, remove the app which you may not need or else look if there is any reported cases of conflict between these apps and if there is a solution for it.

Check if the crash is related to any internal functions of the applications

Applications might crash when you try to open a particular feature inside the application. Confirm if that is the problem and then check with the app developer if there is any new update or fix for it.

Check if others had the same problem

Check online if others had the same problem. If the problem is well documented, you can find what other did to fix the problem.

Reinstall the application

If none of the above methods worked for you, try re-installing the App. Re-installing the application fix most of the issues for you. But this is only applicable in cases of Apps which have an uninstaller. If there is no uninstaller, simply drag the App to Trash and replace it with a new copy. This is not desirable as this will not replace the original file which might be responsible for the crash.

Check crash report

When an application crash, a report button will be automatically generated. After clicking on Report button, you will be able to see the Problem details tab. You don’t have to be a techie to understand what is there inside. Of course, a lot of this information don’t make any sense to you, it still might contains clue of source of the problem like a conflict with another App.

Report it to the developer

If none of the above method worked, contact the developer using the application developers website. Check the support section if it is already reported and if there is any solution. If none, use the contact form to inform the developer of the issue and wait for a solution

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