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Apple discontinue 12-inch MacBook, no more in production

Apple MacBook no more in production

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Apple has officially scrapped its handy 12-inch portable MacBook and that has made me very sad. It was not the laptop for everyone, but perfect for my wishes and similar people: writers who need a small laptop for quick access to office applications to write an article quickly, no matter where they are.

I was waiting for a newer version, preferably with such a membrane keyboard as in the most recent MacBook series, but it seems that I have to focus on the latest model from 2017 with the best processor, so that I am the longest ahead can with the device.


12-inch MacBook no more in production
This smaller laptop was not suitable for photographers and video editors. He was also unsuitable for gamers. But it was the MacBook for people who mainly wanted mobility. He weighed less than a kilo and fitted better in my bag than some lecture blocks and simply disappeared in the bag. (Sometimes I was shocked and thought I had left it at home.)

Even the slightly heavier and larger MacBook Air is enough to keep me aware of his presence in my bag and that is important if you, like me, have to drag up and down the streets of San Francisco. I brought it with me at times when I would normally have left a laptop at home and I was always glad I had it.

One port not a practical problem

12-inch-MacBook not in production
That slender configuration meant that a few things had to be sacrificed, but I never found that as annoying as some others wrote. Take the single USB-C port on the side. In theory, that is a disadvantage, because you use the same port for peripherals, charging, dongles or connecting a second screen. For example, if you wanted to download files from an external device, you could not load at the same time.

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In practice, this was rarely a problem. So I mainly use it for writing on the road – and for the heavier work, I have some powerhouses to help me – so at that time I didn’t need that much to connect other things. I often have the Magic Mouse 2 with me, so I often didn’t even have to hang a mouse on the gate.

Without all the extra processor power of the other MacBooks, the battery seemed to last forever, so I could use my Cinema Display as a second screen in the office for half a day. (Even with that lesser computing power, the 2017 version could still handle World of Warcraft fairly well.) I liked that it provided the mobile experience that people know about Chromebooks, but with the comfort and versatility of a full macOS.

Even the butterfly keyboard was better

12-inch-MacBook keyboard, no more in production
If I still start to say controversial things: in this model I actually liked Apple’s heavily criticized butterfly keyboard (apart from the loud clicking sound) because the slight slope and the flat thickness were perfect for this design. The keys were perfectly spread for my fingers and even the trackpad and the places where your palms are were a better size than in most larger Apple laptops. All in all, it was a perfect writing tool. I even liked that I didn’t have the TouchBar, that least essential “innovation” from Apple lately.

I hope that one day we will see something similar because there is no other MacBook that fulfills this role. The 15-inch and even 13-inch versions are very different and heavier. The new MacBook Air has an extra port, an improved keyboard and even Touch ID, but as I already mentioned, still large enough to be aware of.

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