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Apple iPhone 7 Battery Saving Tips

iPhone 7 Battery Saving Tips

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Are you worried about not able to make the iPhone 7 battery last longer? Here are a few tips that will tell you get more battery performance with your iPhone 7.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth and WLAN when it is not needed

The Bluetooth and WLAN are notorious for using lot of battery power. It is impossible to keep these features turned off all the time. But the least you can do is to turn it off when you dont need to use these services.

Go the control center and turn it off.

  1. Disable Location Services

Location services are used by GPS and many other Apps to exactly point out your location. This is one of those services which drain battery power without anybody noticing it. Make it a habit to turn it on only when you use GPS or Apps that need to track your location. This is also recommended if you prefer to keep location private.

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location services -> Tap System Services -> Frequent Locations -> Turn it Off.

  1. Switch to flight mode when sleeping

When you switch iPhone to flight mode, most of the services are disabled by default. Everything that eats up power is deactivated which naturally leads to extended battery life.

Go to Control Center -> Turn Flight mode off.

  1. Disable App update in background

Most iPhone users have their device configured to install App updates whenever it is available. Most Apps do not need an emergency update immediately. So it is alright to wait, download and install updates whenever you have time and enough battery life.

Go to Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Updates -> Turn it off.

  1. Reduce display brightness

I understand, it’s a crime to run the aesthetically designed crystal clear iPhone screen at low brightness. But that is exactly you need to do if you want to prolong the battery life. Display screens consume more energy than any other part in a phone.

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness -> Drag the slider to the right or left to adjust brightness. Also turn off Auto-Brightness as it may not be the best settings to save battery life.

This should help you save battery life in iPhone 7. If you have a few savings tips, then please post them in the comments.

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